Sunday, 30 December 2007


Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We had such a lovely day!! The weather was perfect, around24 celsius, little bit of a breeze, just the way I like it.

In the morning we unwrapped our pressies. The kids didn't wake up too early, around 7 so that was good. The girls were so excited when they saw the pressies under the tree. I was very excited to give Chris his pressie to him. We got him a wacom bamboo fun. It's a writing / drawing tablet that you connect to the computer. He really loves drawing and computer things so I was so happy to have thought about it. The good thing was that he didn't have a clue at all!!

I also got him his first after shave (not that he shaves YET, but he likes to smell nice..). The girls got lots of girly things; dolls, books etc. We also got them a play vacuum cleaner as esp. Ruby is a bit scared of the vacuum cleaner, well not anymore! Megan, their big sister who lives in Sydney, also got them all lovely pressies. They were very spoiled!!

After breakfast and a little bit of a play we went over to Allan's nephew where we had lunch with his side of the familyu. The kids got more presents there and had a fun time playing with the nieces and nephews.

We then went home where we had a bit of a snooze before heading out to Bungendore to spend time with some friends in their new house. The house is just stunning. Kelly designed it herself, it's in the middle of paddocks, no neighbours to be seen and their property also includes a big p[art of a big hill, wow. There were more friends of us and lots of fun, music and good food. The only sad thing was that Ruby fell down some stairs and fell on the concrete. She got this big egg on her forhead now. She was a bit upset for about 10 minutes, we put her fave Dora on for her and when one of the kids was in her way she told me she was "all better now" and got off the bed to sit next to the boy so she wouldn't miss any of Dora. Phew, it is always a bit of a worry when they fall on their heads!!

Here are some imperssions of the day.

A while ago I took a picture of Kelly with her daughter Celeste and used the cute pic to make a canvas for her. For their new house and as a chrissie present.

I also made some other presents for some people and am still making some more.. they'll be new years presents :)

This one is for Megan, it's a calendar

And this journal is for my friend Lucrecia. I so much love the journal i had last year so i hope that she will enjoy it just as much.

At CIS Jolene is teaching us how to use photo shop. In this months lessons we learned how to turn a photo into black and white and then make some part of the photo the original colour again. This is what I did. I made this LO when Allan took the kids to the pool this morning and I had the house to myself (for the first time in years!!)

We also learned how to make a photo sepia. Here's my sepia photo plus LO.

And have a look at this, my mum with her beautiful painting which is at an exhibition!! Love it mum!!

I'd love to know who visits my blog so please leave a message!!

Till next time.

Happy scrapping

Monday, 24 December 2007

Merry Christmas

Just want to wish all my blogreaders a beautiful Christmas.

Hope you are sharing it with your loved ones.


Manon xxx

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Hip dysplasia

We had some great news on Thursday. Lucy doesn't have any more problems with her hips, they are the hips of a healthy 2 year old, woohoo!!

Both my girls were born with hip dysplasia. It's a heriditary problem where basically the hip is not in the right place. With DD1 they found out that she had hip dysplasia when she was 6 1/2 months old. When she was born she didn't have any "clicky" hips and neither on the next check ups. Fortunately a nurse at the clinic noticed uneven forlds and she was very quickly afterwards diagnosed. The femoral head (ball of the hip joint) was making a socket too high in the pelvis. She had to have a small operation where they severed a tendon to place the hip in the right position. They then put her in plaster from chest till feet. She had top stay in plaster for 3 months. It was summer so it was pretty hot for the little darling but she was so easy going so that made it a lot easier.

This is her and me in the hospital the day after her operation.

When she came out of her plaster she had to wear a spica cast at night for quite a long time. We stopped letting her wear it when she totally had enough of it. Which was after quite a long time though. Because they found out relatively late it took and takes longer to "heal". The ball of the hip joint was quite a bit smaller than the one on the other side for about 2 years, it's starting to catch up now and it is all filling in nicely. She still has to come back for a check up next year but Lucy is all in the clear.

With Lucy they found out when she was 6 weeks old so she was put in a harness straight away for 3 months and now 1 1/2 years later she is all good. It was so much better to find out early. The treatment is way easier and the outcome better!!

If you want to know more about it here's a link to a site.


I haven't mentioned yet that Scrap The Lot is no more!!

I suppose I was in a bit of a shock myself. i had been teaching there for quite a while (6 months or so) and new it wasn't going to last forever but I thought they would stay open till the end of their lease which would have been in June.

When we were in bateman's Bay on holiday the bosses had decided to close up shop within 2 weeks!!

When I came back from holiday I read my emails and read one from a friend who asked me why the shop was closing down... when I looked through the rest of my emails I saw a generic email from the shop to all their customers saying that it was closing in 2 weeks.. talk about shock!! The bosses "tried" to call me when I was on holiday. I had a lovely time teaching there and meeting all these beautiful people. My gorgeous friend Lucrecia who used to work there too is working at "Wrapped in Paper" in Gold Creek now. She is working there every Monday and every other Saturday. She would love it if you'd come in and say hi!!

Speaking of Lucrecia, she has made me some gorgeous personalised christmas baubles. She made one for each of my kiddies with their date of birth and name. She is making lots this year so if you would like want one or more too email me and I can send you the info. They're only $7 each and gorgeous!!

My mum was wondering if I had done any scrapping lately. Of course I have, maybe not as much due to finishing of some calendars and SS pressie's for Crafting in Style.

Kaz taught a christmas LO class there a little while ago, loved the class and this is the result. I'm really happy with it!!

Jolene also has a monthly photo shop tutorial/challenge at CIS. In November we learned how to make an oversized pic in photoshop and to turn a pic into a black and white photo. We then have to use those photo's to make a LO, 2 per month. The winner of that month get's a little RAK in the mail. Here are my entries for November.

I've also taken part in the xmas extravangaza at Last night we made a 8.5 x 11 LO. They all made a christmas LO but I wanted to use this piccie of Ruby eating her first ever fairy floss so I used that. I stuck it onto a 12 x 12 bling bazzill as it will go in a 12 x 12 album.

I've bought these 12 x 12 printblock ringbinders at Crafting In Style and love them so much. I'll never go back to the other albums, these ones are so much easier to use!!

Last but definitely not least we got a letter in the mail from Chris his school, I opened it a bit worried (I know.. not good) but read that he is nominated for an award of excellence!!!! OMG how proud am I!!!! He didn't have a clue so it was a lovely surpise for him too. So I'll be going to school on Tuesday to play paparazzi!!

Happy scrapping everyone!!

Monday, 19 November 2007

kiwi scraps and holidays...

About time I did a bit of an update, slack blogger me!!

So first of all our holdiay to Bateman's Bay was lovely.

The forecast said that it was going to rain for 5 days but luckily our little spot had blue skies most of the time. I just rained in the evening and at night and maybe a little in the mornings, which was fine!

We spent most of the time on the beach, going for walks, jumping in the waves (swimming in the ocean would have been a "little" too cold) and swimming in the pool.

It was the first time that Lucy swam in a pool and she totally loved it! We are going to take her to swimming lessons after the school holidays.

She also loved the beach and the waves this time. Last time we were on the beach she was so scared of the ocean she couldn't even bare to look at it and wanted to be as far away from the waves as possible. How things can change, now she just wants to go in quite far (well much further then we went!).

All in all it was a great holiday. Here is a bit of an impression.. I won't show all of the 530 (!) photo's i took... just had so much fun playing with my new camera, Chris has renamed me paparazzi...

Then we went home on Tuesday. On Wednesday I had to work and had things to do in the evening so that left me with only Thursday to get ready for Kiwi scraps. Just the one day!! I went to town to get my photo's printed (for one class we needed 30 to 40 so wasn't going to do them all at home). Everything went fine untill I wanted to pick up the photo's. The machine that prints the photo's broke down just as my pictures were due to be printed... So I had to go and find another place that could print my photo's TODAY. I found one but it was more expensive than the other one, but I had to get them printed so I went there. It just takes so long to get your photo's all uploaded and ordered!! My girls were so good not getting totally frustrated with all the waiting!!

So on Friday morning Lucrecia and I set of to go to KIWISCRAPS. What a fantastic time we had. Both nights we didn't go to sleep till 2 am because we were too busy scrapping and chatting.

We met some lovely people, people that I've met online before. So that was so great to see them IRL. We did classes with Wendy Smedley, Stacy Julian and Nic Howard. My favourite classes were with Nic Howard. She is such a talented lady!! Love her work. I also bought her book (read the book which I borrowed from a friend before from cover to cover whilst on holidays) and asked her to sign it for me. I always feel so funny about asking that sort of thing but she was happy to do it.. Lucrecia and I also got a photo taken with her.

On this pic it shows Lucrecia and me at the beginning of kiwi scraps (the pics at the top) and at the end of kiwiscraps....

We had such a great time but were totally exhausted Sunday afternoon. Good thing we went on the bus!!

So we did 6 projects at kiwi scraps. Have only got one LO finished though.. this week I'll finish the rest.

I created some LO's for "My sketchworld". This month it's the first birthday so there is a weekly sketch, there are weekly card sketches as well.

Here are my contributions.

Till next time!

Happy scrapping :)

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

More birthdays

My baby girl turned 2 almost 2 weeks ago!! Here's the birthday girl being very happy (and tickled).

Just like last year we had a party for her on my birthday (which was 3 days later and on a Sunday). We had a total of 26 people over which was fantastic. Lots of her friends were over and were having a ball just playing. We didn't bother playing any games as all the kids were just too busy having fun to be disturbed. We also had my friends over (conveniently most of them have little kiddies, which are the girls friends, too). We prepared an easy but so yummy BBQ and I used some Donna Hay recipes after a colleague was telling me about her gorgeous recipes. I must tell you I have fallen in love with Donna Hay. I used 2 recipes for the BBQ (sweet and sour chicken on skewers and beef kofta's on skewers). They were from the kids magazine but every one loved them and they were so easy to make! I also made the cupcakes (instead on one big cake) and used the cupcakes with raspberry cream recipe. They were the best cup cakes I've ever made!

My darling husband had a big surprise for me. A present I've longed for for quite some time now

MY NEW DIGI SLR CANON EOS 400 All the piccies on today's entry have been taken with it. I love it so much!!!

The new sketch for "My Sketch World" is out! It is a gorgeous sketch and had heaps of fun making a LO for it. This is what I came up with.

Lucy is having her blogs first birthday in November so you can expect some gorgeous sketches every week for the whole month, go and have a look!!

I have done quite a bit more scrapping but have no piccies of it as they are classes for "Scrap The Lot" or I haven't quite finished it yet.

On Sunday I taught a class using a little 4" x 4" Maya road binder album. It was a 4 hour class instead of the normal 3 hour classes. The class was during the day which is different too. I found that most of the ladies found it a lovely idea as it gave them a nice break! All their albums turned out gorgeous!!

Thursday I'll be teaching what you can do with all those scraps and turn it into a nice little weekly journal. Love that class!

Coming weekend we'll be going to Bateman's bay for a 5 day break. Allan's sisters gave him half of the holiday on his birthday. Because Tuesday is a public holiday we decided to extend the weekend with 2 more days. So looking forward to be down the coast again (and not just for all the photo opportunities with my new beauty :) ). The weekend after Lucrecia and I will be going to Kiwiscraps. So much to look forward to!!!

And the lovely Dee has tagged me, thanks girlie. So here are 7 random things about me.

1. I have to read before i go to sleep, have done that for as long as I can remember!

2. My favourite book at the moment is "A thousand splendid suns" by Khaled Hosseini. If you haven't read it yet you really should do yourself the favour and read it, awesome book! When i told my mum that I was reading that book and loving it she told me that she was reading his other book (in Dutch) at the same time and she loved that one too... she's going to bring it over for me when she comes here.. will be hard to wait!!)

3. We had 2 cats when we left Holland and they both moved in with my brother. The girl though escaped and they never found her again, was very sad!! We had our cats since Chris was 6 months old so they were 9 years old at the time.

4. I love gardening, especially a flower garden with lots of scented flowers. I have quite a few English roses in my not so big garden and at the moment my garden is so beautifully scented!

5. I wish I was a more tidy person!!!!

6. I love snacking at night when every one has gone to bed (naughty me!!)

7. I am quite stubborn and opinionated (too much at times!!)

Phew, that's done! So now I tag Margaret and Kaz. Here you go girlies :)

Happy scrapping :)

Monday, 15 October 2007


Just a quick update...

Woohoo, I'm officially a diva designer now for this cool sketch site, check it out here!!

Lucy has created a gorgeous sketch for us to create a LO with. It will be on the site the first week of November so keep your eye on that!

I've been busy teaching kiddies classes at Scrap the Lot and preparing some classes for later on in the month (Sunday the 28th of October) and next month.

At Crafting in Style Jolene has set up some surprise challenges. 14 challenges for 2 weeks. Love what she has come up with. My fave one was to design a sketch for a LO and then scrap it. Weird to scrap your own sketch but I loved it heaps!! It's almost finished and I'll upload it when we can.

I've finally worked on my journal again. Hadn't done it in ages because I was working on Allan's album and some swaps.
I still have to work on quite a few other swaps. I'm in 2 different calendar swaps so am pretty busy with that.

Unfortunately the school holidays are over. Really loved having Chris at home. The girls really have so much fun with him, he is such a fun brother to them!

Just a few more sleeps and it's my baby's 2nd birthday (already!!). Can't wait.

Well I'd better get back to my classes!!

Happy scrapping :)

Monday, 1 October 2007


It's about time I updated hey!!! LOL

We've had a busy fun time! Last week on friday it was Allan's 50th!! Yes the big one. He was so NOT looking forward to it. I had a few surprises planned for him but I really found it hard not to let anything slip... but I did it!!

So on friday morning we gave him some pressies.. I gave him the album I made for him, he loved it.. phew!! Then a bit later we had a lemon meringue pie that I made the night before, was so yum!

I told Al that we would go out together for a little while, have lunch together and go to Floriade. We dropped of the kids at Michelle and went to town. After Floriade (fantastic!!) and had some lunch at a club (hey it was his birthday.. not mine!!) I said that we could go to our next destination. He said: "Isn't it a little bit early for that... (he thought we were having dinner with a group of people)". I told him that it was fine so we left. He was driving (he doesn't like it when I drive.. thinks I drive too fast.. I don't!!) I told him to go to Bungendore and also told him that we were NOT going to the coast, to prevent disappointment.

He was totally puzzled.. didn't know what was going on. For a little while he was still thinking that people would meet us there. But he soon figured out that that was not the case. He then thought we were going to have a look at something, that I wanted to show him something (still don't know what LOL).

When we arrived in Bungendore we went to "The Carrington" where I said I needed to do something. I got the key to our room and took him there. He was so surprised and thought it was a fantastic idea!! So then I told him that there was a nice spa and that we were going to have a lovely dinner there too, and stay the night of course!

I also said that I had tried to organise a dinner but that not many people could make it and that I thought that going to Bungendore was a nice thing to do instead of the dinner. He totally bought it (man it was hard to keep a straight face!).

So after enjoying the spa we went to play some pool in a pub and then went to the restaurant to have a gorgeous dinner.

Al had Crispy Duck salad and I had oysters for entree, I then had a lambrack with kumara mash and he had a eye fillet steak with yum things, for dessert we had ice cream with lovely sauce and creme caramel.
Was really a fantastic dinner in a lovely place, I can really recommend it!!

Next day we went back home and I took Chris and the girls to Chris's school where they had an art expo. We bought a lovely painting made by a student for only $30. It'll look great in the girls bedroom. Then we had to get the balloons and the cake. In the mean time Allan and his friend Darrin went to the pub "to watch the footy". The kids and I got ready and went to Turk Oz to get everything ready for his b'day dinner. We had one table for all the 10 kids and 1 big table for all the adults. I got every child a pack with texta's and paper and stickers so they had something to do. Soon everyone arrived and when everyone was there Darrin brought Allan over to have some dinner. He told him that he used to go to this restaurant with his footy mates after a game. Allan didn't think anything of it so he was totally shocked when he came into the restaurant and we all started singing.

It was a great night! There were some friends that he hadn't seen in a while so he got a chance to catch up with them as well.

I am so happy that I could keep everything a surprise for him, I really loved seeing the surprise and joy on his face, awesome!!

Here are some impressions of it all.

On Saturday it was Chris's 14th birthday. He didn't really want a big party so he invited his best friend over and they went to the movies and had lunch in town together. Afterwards they came home, played the playstation and we ordered pizza for dinner (his fav). He had a great day so that's what counts.

I went to ACTSA again in the afternoon with Margaret. We had a great time, love the demonstrations they do. We both haven't been stamping for that long so the "Back to Basics" ones are very good for us :)

There's a birthday celebration goin on at Crafting in Style, heaps of fun with loads of fun games, workshops and classes. The even better thing is that they are free!! On the weekend there will be a fantastic sale, 30% of everything in store!!! And guess what, I won the first game, it was on tonight!!

I've been working on the challenges for the DT comp at Crafty Collages. Heaps of fun!! Am still working on my OTP project but can already show you the card (with a quote) and the 8.5 x 11" LO. For the LO we had to work mono chromatic, so one colour in different shades. I made a LO for my BOM about Ruby, about what a kind person she is.

The card has the quote: "live the life you dream of" on it. Love that one!!

The CC was also on this weekend at Crafty Collages. I only got to do 1 challenge as I was busy with the kiddies and the DT comp work. The challenge was to use 3 colours only, yellow, white and pink. Use a chipboard shape and have yourself in the picture. I thought I might as well make the frontpage for my book of me, so here it is.

I'll leave you guys for today with this piccie that I took today with my little digi camera. Never thought I could take a pic like this, just love it.

Oh that's right, Lucrecia and I are going to kiwiscraps!! Woooooohoooooooooooooo

Happy scrapping!!!

Monday, 17 September 2007

DT lay outs

Time to update as my guest DT LO's are in the newsletter from Crafting In Style!! Click here to have a read! You can also read some more about me overhere.

So here are the LO's I did. The photo of the fathersday one is a bit strange in colour.

I really loved the pack that Jolene sent me and the opportunity to be the first ever guest designer for CIS, thanks so much girls for a great time!!

I've been sorta busy with Allan's album, have been getting a bit distracted though. Watching IDOL, doing things with friends, organising things for Friday and Saturday!!
On friday at the shop it was soooo quiet. I spent most of the day finishing of a LO for a class and making a hanging album for another class. Quickly finished 2 LO's for Al's album but haven't done much more!! Naughty me, so as soon as I get of this computer I have to get back to it!!!!

Poor Ruby, she had such bad luck last week!! On Thursday we were going for a walk and I had to jave a little chat with Tracy about the weekend. Ruby was running around with Lucy, skipping when she fell and cried because she had a sore knee. We had a look at her knee when Tracy suddenly says: "Manon, look at her hair". She had split her head open!! So we rushed to docs who could luckily glue it back together. She was so good, she didn't make a peep. Her head just didn't hurt at all and she was busy playing again so the doctor wasn't worried that she might have a concussion. 2 days later she tripped over again!! At Cathy where she had a lovely time playing with her cousin Sienna. This time she cut her lip with her teeth and skinned the bit just underneath her nose. She looks a mess and it probably will get worse before Friday as we can only wash her hair again then!! But she's a good girl and hardly complains!

Chris has a test at school tomorrow where he has to prepare a pizza!! He's in bed now, not feeling all too well so I hope he will be ok tomorrow. I really don't want any one to get sick this week as it's only a few more days till Allan's birthday!

Ally has opened a new online store Crafty's Collages. She's looking for a DT member and I am having a go at it too. The first week we had to complete a LO using bright colours, patterned paper and rub ons as the only embellishments.

The next task for the week was to make a tag using flowers and ribbon. Here's my creation. It's a tag for a canvas that I'm going to make for little baby Sophie.

For this week we have to make an ATC, with theme: friends. I got these cute little just johanna stamps recently from limetart and couldn't wait to use them. The next task will be announced on wednesday.

Ok, I'd better get back to Al's album!!

Happy scrapping every one!!

Friday, 7 September 2007

Being nice and paying it forward.....

Been tagged by Liz... for being nice :)

How sweet it that!
I'll nominate these lovely girls:
I was lucky enough to be one of the first 3 people to leave a comment on Jasmine's blog and now she's going to send me a handmade present!! Woohoo, how cool is that!!
Now I have to pay it forward too so the first three people to leave a comment on my blog will be send a handmade gift. I have officially a whole year time to do it, but I'm sure it will be a bit quicker than that. I'll start working on them after Allan's 50th birthday.
Talking about Allan's birthday.. it's only 2 weeks from today.. OMG. I feel as if I still have so much to organise. I won't go into details in case he decides to read my blog. If he does..
OK, that should do it :)
Not much has been happening as the kids have been sick, cold and conjunctivitis (Lucy and Ruby), earinfection (Chris). They weren't cranky or anything like that but as I didn't want the girls to give it to other people we basically stayed home most of the time.
Yesterday Lucy had enough of staying at home and after her nap she climbed into the pram and said she wanted to go and see Mimi (Amy). Ruby thought that was a great idea as she was hanging out to see her friend Claire again. So we had a nice play at their house. Today we went to playgroup again. It is so funny, Lucy, my outgoing chickie, is becoming a bit shy. She was sitting on my lap for about 20 minutes when we got there. Not that I was complaining as she generally is not the kinda girl that wants to snuggle up for too long.
I totally forgot to tell you all that I went to an ACTSA (ACT stamping artists) meeting 2 weeks ago with Margaret . It was great. I had never been before (and neither had Madge) so at least we weren't a newbie alone! There were 3 shops (limetart, Lara's shop and another one.. (can't remember that name).
Philippa did a demo about making transfers with a gel medium, was awesome!! Then there was a demo for stamping beginners (that was us.. and some other people) where they showed this credit card technique for making backgrounds, very cool.
I had a lovely time and it was great to spend some time with Margaret as I didn't know her very well yet. She is just so lovely!!
On monday night I was teaching at Scrap The Lot, we made a little handbag album, very cute. There's normally a max. of 6 people but that night there were 7, which was fine as that way my friends Alison and Janina could join in the class too. Was a lovely evening with lovely ladies.
It's so nice that my friend Michelle does quite a few classes with me, it's so nice to have her there!
The new timetable for Scrap The Lot is on the website, so go and check it out!! There are some special new classes like one 4 hour class on a sunday afternoon where we'll be making a chipboard album! The midnight scrap nights on Saturday are back too. Anyway, check out the timetable and make sure you book in in time as there are limited places. Also if you would like a certain class and you have a group of at least 4 friends, come in and we'll arrange a special class for you!
If you are a Canberran.. go to the shop tomorrow as it is the last day of the birthday sale where you get 20% off almost everything!!
On the 18th and 19th of September Karen day is teaching this class at Scrapbook 'n Bits. I just received my pizza box for this class today.. looks gorgeous!! can't wait to do the class :)
Scrapping wise I've not been very busy this week, a bit lazy!
Over the last few weeks I made these journal pages (man I love doing these!!)

And I've been working on Allan's album... not working very hard I'm afraid though. But I made these pages and some more but I haven't got piccies of them. Sorry the photo's are crooked but it was so windy that I had to leave the pages in the album!

Well suppose that's it for me today!

Happy scrapping and till next time :)

Friday, 24 August 2007

one more week...

Only one more week and I'll be no longer the guest designer for CIS!! I've organised some photo's for the LO's I have to create. I didn't want to do them straight away as I wanted to find just the right photo's for them, so I'll be working on them this weekend. I'll upload them here as soon as they are on the CIS site. I'll miss it heaps, it is so much fun working with those girls, they are the best!!

I'm also LO pick of the week, woohoo!! It's just so lovely when you open the page to CIS and you see your LO as LO pick of the week :)))

This week I have been working quite a bit on my everyday moment journal. I really love it. it's only A5 so you can do quite a few pages in an evening. Here are some that I made this week.

I really should get on to making some pages (like lots) for Allan's album but I keep on being side tracked..

I taught a class on Tuesday night at Scrap The Lot, a stamping one and felt bag one. Was lots of fun. 2 of the ladies had previously booked into a felt bag and album class but because there were not enough people we got them to join in on the stamping class where I taught them the felt bag and album. I'm always a bit nervous before the class and at the beginning but relax once it's all rolling along. They must have enjoyed it because 5 of them booked in for another class that I teach so that was lovely! If you want to have a spot at one of the classes make sure that you book in quick as the class sizes are now a max of 6!!

I've been having a look at the kiwi scraps site and would so much love to go!! I've never been there but it looks like so much fun! If you've ever been please give me some more info. I know it's a bit expensive but I thought if I save up from now on, not spend too much on scrapping stuff I might be able to go. Then I'd also need a roomie at the hotel. So if you might be interested please let me know.

We went over to Allan's niece Emma and her husband Jol last week. They had a little girl a few weeks ago, her name is Sophie Ellen and she is just so cute!! Could have taken her home!! She fell asleep while I was holding her, that was so lovely! Here is the beautiful little bubba.

We done a bit of baking as well, some savoury muffins yesterday, a cake for trifle on the weekend and last week we made a hedgehog slice. Very yummy!. When Jolene was teaching a class wednesday night I had to use one of the photo's. I choose one of Lucy who is thoroughly enjoying her piece of slice LOL.

Lucy really knows now when I want to take a picture. I really have to make an effort not to get her lovely posing face. I love this gorgeous posing face though so I thought I'd better do a LO about it before she has a new one.

Marni Telford, a designer at CIS, made this gorgeous LO for me!! Love it so much, thanks heaps Marni!!

Guess that's all for today ! Hope to see lots of entries for the challenges at CIS, the monthly themed one (mine) and the stylish monthly challenge!!
Please leave a message when you visit, I would love to know who comes overhere, thanks!!
See you next time!
Happy scrapping!!