Monday, 19 March 2007

Happy Canberra Day

Happy Canberra Day for all the Canberrans! We're having lots of nice rain here today so a perfect day to stay in and do some scrappin'! I've got an afternoon session of scrapbooking planned with my lovely friend Lucrecia so that should be lots of fun!
I took part in the 8 week challenge from scrapapple which was great fun. I got to scrap a lot of things that I normally don't really scrap about (like myself).
So here we go, 9 LO's (one week you had to do 2 LO's) to share...

Week 1 - Theme - My Life
This had to be a double LO. I like looking at double LO's but don't tend to make them myself often. I had never really scrapped about myself so that was a real challenge!

Week 2 - Theme - Texture

This had to be a singel LO with at least 4 different textural elements.
My textural elements were the stitching, hidden tags, the stitching, chipboard, hidden photo's with hinge, ghostshapes, metal photo corner, metal bookplate and brads.

Week 3 - Theme - Colour

The guidelines were: scrap about a red object. No people and a single LO.

I made a LO about Ruby her red shoes. I loved those shoes! To my surprise I had brads with the same flower on them as the flowers on the shoes! I stamped a border of the same sort of flowers down the bottom of the LO. I thought it was going to be really hard to do a LO without people but I ended up really liking this challenge and the LO.

Week 4 - Theme - "Off the page" Monogram

I made a monogram for Lucy. This was the first time I used the bling circles from Heidi Swapp. Love them!!

Week 5 - Theme - One photo on a page

This week we had to do a single LO with one of our favourite photo's on it. I used this photo of Lucy because it really shows her happy vibrant personality.

Week 6 - Theme - Nighttime

For this challenge you had to think about your perfect day before going to sleep at night. My perfect day ended up a real simple one. One day by myself at home, doing everything I want to do, but the kiddies back home before going to bed for goodnight kisses and cuddles.

Week 7 - Theme - Favourite product
You had to create a LO about your favourite product, why you like it so much and then create another LO using that product and one of your favourite photo's. I could have made quite a few different product LO's as I love more than a few different products but my all time favourite is Chipboard!

Week 8 - Theme - Freestyle
Basically this week we could just do whatever we liked. I made this LO about Lucy and called it cheeky because whenever I try to take a photo of all the kids together she tends to crawl towards me so she'll be close up in the photo and the other ones hang somewhere in the background. On this photo she had the cheekiest grin. I desaturised the photo quite a bit to take out most of the colour but you can still see the pink in her shirt. I'll post some time this week how I created the acetate flowers on the LO.

If you got this far... thanks for reading it all!!

Have a great day...


Moira said...

These look fab Manon! I especially love the shoes one.

Louise said...

I especially loved Weeks 3 and 5, but you know they are lovely!!!!!

The Challenge was Great wasnt it!!

marije said...

Hooi! Leuke LO's! Ja scrapping is populair in Nederland, er zijn al 5 tijdschriften over hier! Het is nog niet zo populair als in Amerika, maar het begint te komen.