Saturday, 17 March 2007

My beautiful children

I thought I'd better introduce you all to the main features of my LO's! My lovely kiddies. The eldest one is Chris, he's 13. A great brother to his little sisters and a very good drawer, if i say so myself. The middle one is Ruby, she'll turn 3 in May. She is a real chatterbox and totally in love with the Wiggles. Last but definitely not least is our little Lucy. Lucy is almost 17 months and she just started to walk by herself so she is out on adventures all the time.
I signed up for the "always" online workshop with Kim Archer. I love doing classes with her but unfortunately I didn't get to do it because I lost the key to the cupboard where I store all my papers. I did find it eventually (like 2 hours into the workshop) so it was too late to really join in. I always enjoy doing workshops with Kim, I really love her work. Tonight I have to babysit my friends girls so hopefully I will get the chance to make the LO then! I'll share as soon as it's finished.

I'll leave you for today with a little wooden book that I made about Lucy's first year. On the front pages I put photo's of her that were taken during that first year and on the back I added some stats (weight, height etc) and wrote a little note to her.

Have a great saturday!


Moira said...

Maybe we could get together and scrap it?! Love your mini book.

Louise said...

WOO HOO MANON WTG !!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)
Louise :)x