Friday, 15 June 2007

Karate, sisters and something new....

So here is the update.
Last (long) weekend was lovely. We had Megan and Nigel staying with us which was lovely as we don't get to see them much. So Megan had some time to catch up with her little sisters and Chris and us of course.
On Friday my friend Michelle and I took all the girls to questacon. They have such a great area for little ones to play. They had a ball (and I got some nice piccies to scrap).

On Sunday Chris had his first karate grading. He didn't seem to be very nervous (unlike me) but then again he didn't really need to be because he did really well (proud mother speaking here!). I would have been so nervous. There were about 25 of them doing their grading and Chris was the youngest. There were about 10 sensei's. They took turns in standing in front of them telling them what they needed to do while the other ones we're walking around and checking how every one was going. See, THAT would make me so nervous but Chris just did his thing and had some little jokes with them (he probably got away with that as he was the youngest...). All in all it was great and the little girls were on their best behaviour the whole 1 1/2 hours!

Here's my young man in action

Afterwards we went for dinner with all 7 of us and Allan's 2 sisters and our little nephew connor. Was lots of fun. Nice food, nice company!

On monday I went over to my friend Lucrecia for a scrapping session and dinner at her house. I always love going to her house for dinner as she cooks the most beautiful food, especially curries and so, just delicious! We even got some scrapping done. I finished one LO. I know it doesn't seem much but I like to take my time and we chat too of course!

This was the result. Sorry for the bad quality. I just didn't want to wait till tomorrow as it is raining here quite a bit and I wouldn't be able to upload for a couple of days.

Other news, I'm making a quite little mini album with people at work. They love making it. We are taking our time so it probably won't be finished for a few more weeks but it's good fun!

I'll upload some piccies when they are finished.

The lovely Kim Archer has a brandnew website. A fantastic place to do classes!! Go and check it out here.
I did one instant workshop there and the free workshop. I won't show you the instant workshop one (until the class finishes) but I can show you the accompanying page for that LO (yes a double LO, surprise surprise.... I know I hardly ever make them). I started making Ruby's album for her "being three" year in 8.5" x 11" format. So far I love it. It's so quick!
So here is the LO that goes with the LO I did at the instant workshop and the free workshop LO
This one looks a lot brighter in real life....
And on sunday we're going to have a day full of scrapping at the Mount Rogers Community school fundraiser. I was there last year and it was great! This year it's probably going to be even better as we have a great group of girls together all at one table. My "normal" scrapping buddies will be there and our Moira is bringing her friend Yvette along who we'll finally get to meet Yay!!!
So if I won't see you on sunday.. happy scrapping and we'll catch up soon :)

Thursday, 14 June 2007


I saw that quite a few people have checked my blog lately and I really need to update. I've got heaps of photo's to share but have to organise them a little first. We've had quite a busy but lovely time, karate gradings, visitors, fundraising day, outings and a there is a great new website in scrapbookland...... Will share details hopefully tomorrow.

I do have one LO to share that I forgot to upload before. It is of Ruby and her friend Claire. I was so lucky to get this photo of them giving each other a kiss. Love it!!

I hope to see some of you at the scrap night this saturday night at scrap the lot.. don't forget to give the girls a call (02 6287 5558) to book in!!

Catch up real soon!!!

ps sorry for the tiny photo... will upload a larger one soon :))

Saturday, 2 June 2007


I am taking part in a photography / scrapbooking competition at CIS. Every month Jolene gives us a photography lesson in three parts. We all practise and upload 3 photo's. Then we make one LO with one or more of the photo's. The first month the subject was "portrait photo's". These are the photo's I entered. First photo was to get very close to your object, second photo had to be not so close and the third photo had to be from a different angle.

I used the photo of Chris close up, for the LO.

This month the subject was Landscape photo's. Because the light is better early in the morning I woke up early last weekend and took Ruby (who woke up as well) out to Hall. There was a lot of mist in Hall, which I really liked. I entered these three photo's. First photo was about rule of thirds, second about lines in a landscape and the last one had to have an interesting foreground as well as background.

I am especially happy with the "horses" one. Love the light and mist (and the horses of course). Ruby fell totally in love with the horses. They were very friendly and let Ruby pet them. This month was quite a challenge as I don't take photo's of landscapes very often (hardly ever!) but it was very good to learn some great techniques!

This is the LO I did for this month.

Further, my card is on the Becky Fleck pagemaps site. I sent her 2 cards and she chose the blue one for her site.

One more LO to share was made for a Scrap the Lot class. The collection of photo's is on a seperate piece of cardstock and is attached to the background with the ribbons. it opens up like a book and behind that page are more photo's and journalling. The new classes I'm teaching are up on their website. Call Tammy and Yvonne to book your seat!

Big news! Allan got the job he applied for. There were more than 60 applicants for 4 jobs so he is really happy about that!! (and so am I).

I started working at my new job on Wednesday. So far one day a week which is perfect for us because this way we won't need childcare as Allan doesn't work on that day.

Last night I did a class with Jen Hall, she is one clever lady!. We made this gorgeous "itty bitty" book. I haven't finished it yet but will share when it is finished.

That's all for today. Hope you all have a great sunday.

Happy scrappin'