Tuesday, 14 August 2007

CIS Cybercrop ... and more...

This weekend was the CIS cybercrop. The theme this month was "size does matter"....

I made a LO for all the three challenges.

The first challenge was to use a photo 6" x *8 or larger and at least 4 patterned papers. This is my Lo for that challenge (I so love this one, Lucy looks sooo gorgeous :)

The next challenge was to use thumbnail size photo's, paint and make it quite minimalistic. I first painted the cardstock pink, then I applied a crackle medium and topped it with red paint. Then I gave it a wash with some gold. I also added some gold paint to the alpha's.Here's the result (it's about Lucy's first birthday.. almost a year ago!!)

The third challenge was a sketch and to make a large embellishment. I made a LO for Allan's birthday album with a handmade rockpool LOL

On sunday night I had to organise the "20 questions" game. We did it in the chatroom this time. It went pretty quick which I didn't mind but it was a bit too quick for some ladies, so next I think it should be played in the forum again.

I also have a challenge up in the forum click here if you haven't done it yet, go on.. have a go :)

Lucrecia and I went to the craftfair on sunday. We had a lovely afternoon, there was not much scrapbooking at the fair so when we had seen it all there we went to some scrap shops in Gungahlin and had some lovely lunch there.

It was so nice to just do some things with a friend without having the responsibility for the kids.

On friday night a did an online class with Jennifer Hall creating the cover for an "everyday journal". We had a technique class everyday in the week prior to the live workshop so we were all prepared for the class. I loved it and have started my everyday journal. I want it to start in July so I dug in my memory (and in my pictures) to get some stuff for July.

Here are the frontcover and the days that I've done so far...

My friend Christine has been asked for the Design team of Scrap the Lot she hasn't got a blog yet (hint hint chook!!) but you can check some of her gorgeous LO's here. She is just sooo talented, really love what she does!!

Last but definitely NOT least... Liz has nominated me to be a rockin' girl blogger... wooohooooo

Thanks for the vote Liz!!! Now to live up to THAT!!!!
Now I nominate...... tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Christine (chook).. double hint :)
Happy scrapping everyone!!!!


Claudette said...

Great Blog site.....intrigued with
your every day life book your doing....love the colors

Miranda said...

Hi Thanks for nominating me!! What a honnor!
I love the lo's you made for the challenge at Cis. Esspecially the one with the big pic. It's gorgeous!
And the everday book. Great idea!!!
Gonna put you in my bloglines!!!

Anonymous said...

Lieve Manon,

Wat een prachtig werk en leuke foto's en dat boekje is ook heel erg mooi,ik kijk elke keer weer uit naar jou werk en geniet er van.

liefs mama

Alison said...

Manon, gorgeous photo of you and Lucrecia. Fab LOs too!

Margaret Wilkinson said...

hey Manon,
thanks for the blog address - you have a really artistic style that looks fabulous. will definitely be doing a class with you.

Dee said...

Gorgeous work as always girl - and the 20 questions was fab! You did such a great job.

steph devlin said...

Hey Manon,

Thank you so much for your comment that you left on my blog regarding little Madison. I felt so wonderful with such kind comments
about my little girl. Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you.

Things are going really well at the moment, she is still feeding four hourly, which gives Mark and I a chance to get some sleep.

She is gradually but slowly putting on weight, so we are just monitoring her to make sure she is on the right track.

I really appreciate your kindness, this is such a special time for me, and the support from friends like yourself is overwhelming.

Hope you are your family and happy and healthy and loving life.

I love your work. Its so funky and energetic. Gorgeous !!!

Love Steph xo

Gio said...

Thank you for have a look at my blog, it's such an honour having so many great australian scrapper visiting it! The first time that I heard about scrap was in a little town called Belgrave, Victoria, and I never forget! Great LOs of yours, I love your style, and your children are so cute!!

KarenB said...

Hey Manon,

Thanks so much for nominating me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger... how cool is that.

Moira said...

Fabulous scrapping Manon, I especially love the Rockpool LO!

Anonymous said...

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