Monday, 17 September 2007

DT lay outs

Time to update as my guest DT LO's are in the newsletter from Crafting In Style!! Click here to have a read! You can also read some more about me overhere.

So here are the LO's I did. The photo of the fathersday one is a bit strange in colour.

I really loved the pack that Jolene sent me and the opportunity to be the first ever guest designer for CIS, thanks so much girls for a great time!!

I've been sorta busy with Allan's album, have been getting a bit distracted though. Watching IDOL, doing things with friends, organising things for Friday and Saturday!!
On friday at the shop it was soooo quiet. I spent most of the day finishing of a LO for a class and making a hanging album for another class. Quickly finished 2 LO's for Al's album but haven't done much more!! Naughty me, so as soon as I get of this computer I have to get back to it!!!!

Poor Ruby, she had such bad luck last week!! On Thursday we were going for a walk and I had to jave a little chat with Tracy about the weekend. Ruby was running around with Lucy, skipping when she fell and cried because she had a sore knee. We had a look at her knee when Tracy suddenly says: "Manon, look at her hair". She had split her head open!! So we rushed to docs who could luckily glue it back together. She was so good, she didn't make a peep. Her head just didn't hurt at all and she was busy playing again so the doctor wasn't worried that she might have a concussion. 2 days later she tripped over again!! At Cathy where she had a lovely time playing with her cousin Sienna. This time she cut her lip with her teeth and skinned the bit just underneath her nose. She looks a mess and it probably will get worse before Friday as we can only wash her hair again then!! But she's a good girl and hardly complains!

Chris has a test at school tomorrow where he has to prepare a pizza!! He's in bed now, not feeling all too well so I hope he will be ok tomorrow. I really don't want any one to get sick this week as it's only a few more days till Allan's birthday!

Ally has opened a new online store Crafty's Collages. She's looking for a DT member and I am having a go at it too. The first week we had to complete a LO using bright colours, patterned paper and rub ons as the only embellishments.

The next task for the week was to make a tag using flowers and ribbon. Here's my creation. It's a tag for a canvas that I'm going to make for little baby Sophie.

For this week we have to make an ATC, with theme: friends. I got these cute little just johanna stamps recently from limetart and couldn't wait to use them. The next task will be announced on wednesday.

Ok, I'd better get back to Al's album!!

Happy scrapping every one!!

Friday, 7 September 2007

Being nice and paying it forward.....

Been tagged by Liz... for being nice :)

How sweet it that!
I'll nominate these lovely girls:
I was lucky enough to be one of the first 3 people to leave a comment on Jasmine's blog and now she's going to send me a handmade present!! Woohoo, how cool is that!!
Now I have to pay it forward too so the first three people to leave a comment on my blog will be send a handmade gift. I have officially a whole year time to do it, but I'm sure it will be a bit quicker than that. I'll start working on them after Allan's 50th birthday.
Talking about Allan's birthday.. it's only 2 weeks from today.. OMG. I feel as if I still have so much to organise. I won't go into details in case he decides to read my blog. If he does..
OK, that should do it :)
Not much has been happening as the kids have been sick, cold and conjunctivitis (Lucy and Ruby), earinfection (Chris). They weren't cranky or anything like that but as I didn't want the girls to give it to other people we basically stayed home most of the time.
Yesterday Lucy had enough of staying at home and after her nap she climbed into the pram and said she wanted to go and see Mimi (Amy). Ruby thought that was a great idea as she was hanging out to see her friend Claire again. So we had a nice play at their house. Today we went to playgroup again. It is so funny, Lucy, my outgoing chickie, is becoming a bit shy. She was sitting on my lap for about 20 minutes when we got there. Not that I was complaining as she generally is not the kinda girl that wants to snuggle up for too long.
I totally forgot to tell you all that I went to an ACTSA (ACT stamping artists) meeting 2 weeks ago with Margaret . It was great. I had never been before (and neither had Madge) so at least we weren't a newbie alone! There were 3 shops (limetart, Lara's shop and another one.. (can't remember that name).
Philippa did a demo about making transfers with a gel medium, was awesome!! Then there was a demo for stamping beginners (that was us.. and some other people) where they showed this credit card technique for making backgrounds, very cool.
I had a lovely time and it was great to spend some time with Margaret as I didn't know her very well yet. She is just so lovely!!
On monday night I was teaching at Scrap The Lot, we made a little handbag album, very cute. There's normally a max. of 6 people but that night there were 7, which was fine as that way my friends Alison and Janina could join in the class too. Was a lovely evening with lovely ladies.
It's so nice that my friend Michelle does quite a few classes with me, it's so nice to have her there!
The new timetable for Scrap The Lot is on the website, so go and check it out!! There are some special new classes like one 4 hour class on a sunday afternoon where we'll be making a chipboard album! The midnight scrap nights on Saturday are back too. Anyway, check out the timetable and make sure you book in in time as there are limited places. Also if you would like a certain class and you have a group of at least 4 friends, come in and we'll arrange a special class for you!
If you are a Canberran.. go to the shop tomorrow as it is the last day of the birthday sale where you get 20% off almost everything!!
On the 18th and 19th of September Karen day is teaching this class at Scrapbook 'n Bits. I just received my pizza box for this class today.. looks gorgeous!! can't wait to do the class :)
Scrapping wise I've not been very busy this week, a bit lazy!
Over the last few weeks I made these journal pages (man I love doing these!!)

And I've been working on Allan's album... not working very hard I'm afraid though. But I made these pages and some more but I haven't got piccies of them. Sorry the photo's are crooked but it was so windy that I had to leave the pages in the album!

Well suppose that's it for me today!

Happy scrapping and till next time :)