Sunday, 30 December 2007


Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We had such a lovely day!! The weather was perfect, around24 celsius, little bit of a breeze, just the way I like it.

In the morning we unwrapped our pressies. The kids didn't wake up too early, around 7 so that was good. The girls were so excited when they saw the pressies under the tree. I was very excited to give Chris his pressie to him. We got him a wacom bamboo fun. It's a writing / drawing tablet that you connect to the computer. He really loves drawing and computer things so I was so happy to have thought about it. The good thing was that he didn't have a clue at all!!

I also got him his first after shave (not that he shaves YET, but he likes to smell nice..). The girls got lots of girly things; dolls, books etc. We also got them a play vacuum cleaner as esp. Ruby is a bit scared of the vacuum cleaner, well not anymore! Megan, their big sister who lives in Sydney, also got them all lovely pressies. They were very spoiled!!

After breakfast and a little bit of a play we went over to Allan's nephew where we had lunch with his side of the familyu. The kids got more presents there and had a fun time playing with the nieces and nephews.

We then went home where we had a bit of a snooze before heading out to Bungendore to spend time with some friends in their new house. The house is just stunning. Kelly designed it herself, it's in the middle of paddocks, no neighbours to be seen and their property also includes a big p[art of a big hill, wow. There were more friends of us and lots of fun, music and good food. The only sad thing was that Ruby fell down some stairs and fell on the concrete. She got this big egg on her forhead now. She was a bit upset for about 10 minutes, we put her fave Dora on for her and when one of the kids was in her way she told me she was "all better now" and got off the bed to sit next to the boy so she wouldn't miss any of Dora. Phew, it is always a bit of a worry when they fall on their heads!!

Here are some imperssions of the day.

A while ago I took a picture of Kelly with her daughter Celeste and used the cute pic to make a canvas for her. For their new house and as a chrissie present.

I also made some other presents for some people and am still making some more.. they'll be new years presents :)

This one is for Megan, it's a calendar

And this journal is for my friend Lucrecia. I so much love the journal i had last year so i hope that she will enjoy it just as much.

At CIS Jolene is teaching us how to use photo shop. In this months lessons we learned how to turn a photo into black and white and then make some part of the photo the original colour again. This is what I did. I made this LO when Allan took the kids to the pool this morning and I had the house to myself (for the first time in years!!)

We also learned how to make a photo sepia. Here's my sepia photo plus LO.

And have a look at this, my mum with her beautiful painting which is at an exhibition!! Love it mum!!

I'd love to know who visits my blog so please leave a message!!

Till next time.

Happy scrapping


charmaine said...

hi manon, ive just visited your blog via charmaine (aka shamzscrapz, i think on CIS) glad to hear you had a great chrissy hope you have some great plans for new years, we havent any as yet

Liz said...

Hiya Manon - yes I finally updated lol - it's been awhile hey.

Just loved reading your blog and looking at your gorgeous layouts. I just love that gorgeous sweet photo of Lucy and Ruby holding hands.

I am so very glad that Lucys' hips are ok!!!!!! We take so much for granted and don't ever think anything will be wrong with our kids.

Happy New Year Manon - I hope to "see" lots of you this year.

Marieke Vermeulen said...

A very happy new year to you and your family! GREAT pictures! and you have made some beautiful layouts!!