Saturday, 8 December 2007

Hip dysplasia

We had some great news on Thursday. Lucy doesn't have any more problems with her hips, they are the hips of a healthy 2 year old, woohoo!!

Both my girls were born with hip dysplasia. It's a heriditary problem where basically the hip is not in the right place. With DD1 they found out that she had hip dysplasia when she was 6 1/2 months old. When she was born she didn't have any "clicky" hips and neither on the next check ups. Fortunately a nurse at the clinic noticed uneven forlds and she was very quickly afterwards diagnosed. The femoral head (ball of the hip joint) was making a socket too high in the pelvis. She had to have a small operation where they severed a tendon to place the hip in the right position. They then put her in plaster from chest till feet. She had top stay in plaster for 3 months. It was summer so it was pretty hot for the little darling but she was so easy going so that made it a lot easier.

This is her and me in the hospital the day after her operation.

When she came out of her plaster she had to wear a spica cast at night for quite a long time. We stopped letting her wear it when she totally had enough of it. Which was after quite a long time though. Because they found out relatively late it took and takes longer to "heal". The ball of the hip joint was quite a bit smaller than the one on the other side for about 2 years, it's starting to catch up now and it is all filling in nicely. She still has to come back for a check up next year but Lucy is all in the clear.

With Lucy they found out when she was 6 weeks old so she was put in a harness straight away for 3 months and now 1 1/2 years later she is all good. It was so much better to find out early. The treatment is way easier and the outcome better!!

If you want to know more about it here's a link to a site.


I haven't mentioned yet that Scrap The Lot is no more!!

I suppose I was in a bit of a shock myself. i had been teaching there for quite a while (6 months or so) and new it wasn't going to last forever but I thought they would stay open till the end of their lease which would have been in June.

When we were in bateman's Bay on holiday the bosses had decided to close up shop within 2 weeks!!

When I came back from holiday I read my emails and read one from a friend who asked me why the shop was closing down... when I looked through the rest of my emails I saw a generic email from the shop to all their customers saying that it was closing in 2 weeks.. talk about shock!! The bosses "tried" to call me when I was on holiday. I had a lovely time teaching there and meeting all these beautiful people. My gorgeous friend Lucrecia who used to work there too is working at "Wrapped in Paper" in Gold Creek now. She is working there every Monday and every other Saturday. She would love it if you'd come in and say hi!!

Speaking of Lucrecia, she has made me some gorgeous personalised christmas baubles. She made one for each of my kiddies with their date of birth and name. She is making lots this year so if you would like want one or more too email me and I can send you the info. They're only $7 each and gorgeous!!

My mum was wondering if I had done any scrapping lately. Of course I have, maybe not as much due to finishing of some calendars and SS pressie's for Crafting in Style.

Kaz taught a christmas LO class there a little while ago, loved the class and this is the result. I'm really happy with it!!

Jolene also has a monthly photo shop tutorial/challenge at CIS. In November we learned how to make an oversized pic in photoshop and to turn a pic into a black and white photo. We then have to use those photo's to make a LO, 2 per month. The winner of that month get's a little RAK in the mail. Here are my entries for November.

I've also taken part in the xmas extravangaza at Last night we made a 8.5 x 11 LO. They all made a christmas LO but I wanted to use this piccie of Ruby eating her first ever fairy floss so I used that. I stuck it onto a 12 x 12 bling bazzill as it will go in a 12 x 12 album.

I've bought these 12 x 12 printblock ringbinders at Crafting In Style and love them so much. I'll never go back to the other albums, these ones are so much easier to use!!

Last but definitely not least we got a letter in the mail from Chris his school, I opened it a bit worried (I know.. not good) but read that he is nominated for an award of excellence!!!! OMG how proud am I!!!! He didn't have a clue so it was a lovely surpise for him too. So I'll be going to school on Tuesday to play paparazzi!!

Happy scrapping everyone!!


Moi said...

Sorry to hear about the hip dysplasia, but glad all is good now.
Love your LOs! The 'please Santa' photo is just divine too - well taken!
Hope to catch up soon.
M x

moi said...


Kim Archer said...

Hi Manon!!
Just popping in to say hi. thats great news about Lucy know with her hips but must have been a worrying timefor you all when she was diagnosed! And well done to your little boy on his award:)
Oh and lovely layouts!!

Anonymous said...

Lieve Manon'

Wat fijn om dit allemaal nog eens te lezen en wat heb je weer een mooie L.O.s gemaakt.
Wat fijn voor Chris dat hij genomineerd en oma is natuurlijk ook erg trots op hem.

Liefs mama

Ali said...

Hi Manon,

Good to see you IRL today :) So glad your gals' hips are doing the right thing and Chris is such a clever boy - takes after his mum?!
Love those LOs.


Marie said...

Hi Manon,

Thank you for popping by my blog (I must update it. lol) I do remember you - you are gorgeously tall!!!

I hope your little girl is feeling much better now. How sad that your lss has closed. I love your los, such lovely eye candy for first thing in the morning.

Have a wonderful Christmas