Friday, 30 March 2007

1, 2, 3 Challenge

I came across this fabulous website: 1, 2, 3 challenge and I've entered my challenge for this month. Every month some contributors to the website (I think the first 3 that come up with a criteria) decide what the 3 criteria for that month are. This month the criteria are:
1. Black and white
2. stitching
3. 3 or more photo's
So here is my entry.

I finally scrapped this gorgeous photo of Lucy that I had ready to scrap for quite some time now. I really liked the photo and was a bit hesitant of scrapping it as I wanted it to be just right. Most of the time I just start to scrap without a plan, but with this photo I wanted to use certain colours and circles so I was planning it in my head before I even got the papers. When I came across the beautiful new BG paper I saw exactely what I was looking for so last night I finally finished the LO.

Next week there will be some fabulous FREE classes at Crafting in style. On the 3rd of April a doodeling class by Kaz, the 5 th of April a stamping class by Tash and the 7th of April a distressing class by Karen (Jazikt). Go and check them out, should be great!!

I am receiving the US pub calls for some time now but never really did anything with it and was so hoping for someone to start an Australian one and now there is one, yay!! Pub calls has a calender with all the magazine deadlines, DT competitions, retreats and lots more on it. The fun starts on 2nd April so if you want to join in the fun and say hi to the girls here is the link.

I talked to my mum with the webcam tonight (she lives in Holland) for the first time since she was here 4 months ago. She hadn't seen the kids all that time so she loved seeing them again and have Ruby sing songs to her. It was the first time she saw Lucy walk, it looks so cute! At playgroup today they also mentioned that Lucy looks so much more "grown up" now that she is walking. The thing is that she wants to walk non stop now. She used to be very happy to go in the swing at the playground but now that's not good enough anymore. The little miss wants to walk around and climb on everything herself. She loves it! I should take my camera with me next time we go as I had so many nice opportunities to take some photo's today at the park.

I forgot to say this, I got my first limetart kit last week. It has so many lovely things in it. Phillipa is so clever at the colour combinations! I'm going to have a play with the kit tomorrow night when Chris and I are going to do some scrapping together.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Sunday, 25 March 2007


It has been a busy few days. Busy but fun. I've got my classes for "Scrap the lot" in my diary. I have ideas of what I am going to do for the classes and already have one LO in the shop. I will be teaching some kids classes and the "luscious" classes. Really excited about teaching again!
I used to be a primary school teacher in Holland before we moved here (4 1/2 years ago) but this will be a totally different kind of teaching. I have missed the teaching but haven't been able to go back "to school" as the girls are still so little and I want to be here for them, but being able to teach scrapbooking is a totally different thing. I can do that when Allan is home and prepare LO's and OTP's when the girls are asleep or when they are playing by themselves (whenever that might happen). So it's all good!!

Yesterday we went to an engagement party from some friends of us and had a great time. They live just around the corner so when the kids were tired we could just take them to bed and one of us could stay on for a little longer (me in this case... yay). The kids had so much fun, playing with all the other kids. Lucy found a little friend, she is only 3 days older that her, was so cute. Chris entertained the little ones, as usual, and Ruby played with lots of different kids and her best friend Claire.

This morning we went to Tilly's for coffee (well tea for me) to say goodbye to Allan's cousin Suzanne who's going back to Singapore. It was lovely to catch up and see Allan's sisters again too. They asked me to make a little album for their niece as a 30th birthday present. Her birthday is next month do so I better start with it very soon!

And yes I did finish the "always" Lo from Kim Archer's class. It turned out quite nice! Love her style!

It was my dad's birthday on the 23 rd. I made him a wall hanger but haven't send it yet as they are moving so I might as well send it to their new house. I haven't seen my dad in all those 4 1/2 years. My mum comes over almost every year to see the kids (and us) but as my dad had a stroke and is busy with rehabilitation we haven't seen eachother. It's alsways quite hard to get into contact with him too as he was in a nursing home and just didn't pick up the phone. I had to call when his wife was there and that was when it was in the middle of the night overhere. But now that they have their own place again it will be much easier to get in contact with him. Well I hope so anyway. So this is the hanger I made for him.
I have to go and think of some easter cards for my class at the "rainbow" for tomorrow.
Hope you all have a lovely sunday.

Monday, 19 March 2007

Happy Canberra Day

Happy Canberra Day for all the Canberrans! We're having lots of nice rain here today so a perfect day to stay in and do some scrappin'! I've got an afternoon session of scrapbooking planned with my lovely friend Lucrecia so that should be lots of fun!
I took part in the 8 week challenge from scrapapple which was great fun. I got to scrap a lot of things that I normally don't really scrap about (like myself).
So here we go, 9 LO's (one week you had to do 2 LO's) to share...

Week 1 - Theme - My Life
This had to be a double LO. I like looking at double LO's but don't tend to make them myself often. I had never really scrapped about myself so that was a real challenge!

Week 2 - Theme - Texture

This had to be a singel LO with at least 4 different textural elements.
My textural elements were the stitching, hidden tags, the stitching, chipboard, hidden photo's with hinge, ghostshapes, metal photo corner, metal bookplate and brads.

Week 3 - Theme - Colour

The guidelines were: scrap about a red object. No people and a single LO.

I made a LO about Ruby her red shoes. I loved those shoes! To my surprise I had brads with the same flower on them as the flowers on the shoes! I stamped a border of the same sort of flowers down the bottom of the LO. I thought it was going to be really hard to do a LO without people but I ended up really liking this challenge and the LO.

Week 4 - Theme - "Off the page" Monogram

I made a monogram for Lucy. This was the first time I used the bling circles from Heidi Swapp. Love them!!

Week 5 - Theme - One photo on a page

This week we had to do a single LO with one of our favourite photo's on it. I used this photo of Lucy because it really shows her happy vibrant personality.

Week 6 - Theme - Nighttime

For this challenge you had to think about your perfect day before going to sleep at night. My perfect day ended up a real simple one. One day by myself at home, doing everything I want to do, but the kiddies back home before going to bed for goodnight kisses and cuddles.

Week 7 - Theme - Favourite product
You had to create a LO about your favourite product, why you like it so much and then create another LO using that product and one of your favourite photo's. I could have made quite a few different product LO's as I love more than a few different products but my all time favourite is Chipboard!

Week 8 - Theme - Freestyle
Basically this week we could just do whatever we liked. I made this LO about Lucy and called it cheeky because whenever I try to take a photo of all the kids together she tends to crawl towards me so she'll be close up in the photo and the other ones hang somewhere in the background. On this photo she had the cheekiest grin. I desaturised the photo quite a bit to take out most of the colour but you can still see the pink in her shirt. I'll post some time this week how I created the acetate flowers on the LO.

If you got this far... thanks for reading it all!!

Have a great day...

Saturday, 17 March 2007

My beautiful children

I thought I'd better introduce you all to the main features of my LO's! My lovely kiddies. The eldest one is Chris, he's 13. A great brother to his little sisters and a very good drawer, if i say so myself. The middle one is Ruby, she'll turn 3 in May. She is a real chatterbox and totally in love with the Wiggles. Last but definitely not least is our little Lucy. Lucy is almost 17 months and she just started to walk by herself so she is out on adventures all the time.
I signed up for the "always" online workshop with Kim Archer. I love doing classes with her but unfortunately I didn't get to do it because I lost the key to the cupboard where I store all my papers. I did find it eventually (like 2 hours into the workshop) so it was too late to really join in. I always enjoy doing workshops with Kim, I really love her work. Tonight I have to babysit my friends girls so hopefully I will get the chance to make the LO then! I'll share as soon as it's finished.

I'll leave you for today with a little wooden book that I made about Lucy's first year. On the front pages I put photo's of her that were taken during that first year and on the back I added some stats (weight, height etc) and wrote a little note to her.

Have a great saturday!

Friday, 16 March 2007

First post!!!

Hi everyone, my first post ever on a blog! It's so exciting.

Yesterday I received a phone call from
Scrap the Lot if I want to teach classes at the shop. Well, YES of course. We have to sort some classes out and then I'll start teaching there soon. Really looking forward to that.
I'm also teaching at the rainbow, a drop in centre for people with a mental illness. I really enjoy that. The people are so lovely and we
always have a good time creating LO's and cards.

The last few weeks I took part in competition to become a DT member for Crafting in Style but unfortunately I didn't go through to the third round. They had a side kick competition going on and I was so lucky to win that one this round with my "cows" LO.. So yay me. It's been a great week!!
Here is my LO for the first round. You had to use at least 2 borders on your LO.

The second round was all about felt. I used photo's from my little one Lucy. I used photo's of when I was still pregnant with her and the first photo of her and me after she was born.

The cows LO was for the sidekick competition. The journalling reads: The only advantage of the drought is that these lovely girls have moved in to a paddock in the middle of our suburb! How special!

Guess that's all for today. Thanks for reading my first post!

Have a great weekend everyone.