Monday, 30 April 2007

CIS cybercrop

First of all some good news!! I've been offered a job at "The Rainbow", where I already teach scrapbooking, as a support worker!! How cool is that!

I've been spending some time at Crafting in Style over the weekend at their cybercrop. Only did 2 of the 3 LO's though as I really did NOT want to set 30 eyelets or more and wake up the kids doing so LOL. The first challenge had to include distressing and you had to use a sketch that Jolene made. I used some papers that Lucrecia gave me, on friday at the frenzy at Scrap The Lot, and stamped the title instead of using my favourite chipboard! The photo's are of Drew and Ruby when she was only a few months old. Very cute.

The second challenge was to use your pens extensively, use your hole punch and to add a monogram. Used the March paperpack from Limetart for this one. Love the colours!!

At CIS they have a new competition called "stop the moment from running away". It basically is a photography course where you enter 3 photo's per month and scrap one of them. This is my LO for this month. Also used the Limetart kit for this one.

Other LO's to share are for the CC at 123 challenge.
One I won't show because I'm using that one for a class. The other ones are a challenge where you had to use paint, chipboard and do it about a certain subject. I used the one about a building and scrapped about this little house that we saw at the farm when we went to "The Boot" the other weekend.
The 123 challenge Lo had to have swirls and flourishes chipboard, NO paint and gemstones. I scrapped some photo's from Ruby when she had just turned one.

Friday night I went to the Friday Night Frenzy at Scrap the Lot and had some fun with all the girls there. There are some great scrappers over there!! I actually finished1 LO there and planned and started a second one. I also sort of finished a class one but still have to add some journalling. I was very proud of myself as usually I have no LO's finished because we chat so much. We still chatted heaps but I also got something done!
On saturday we went to the farmers market again. I hadn't been there for quite some time but always love it and I bought myself (besides the vegies and fruit etc.) a nice bunch of sunflowers, so cheery!!
On sunday Ruby and I went to a party in the park in Gungahlin where they had some live music and activities for kids. We had a great time together.
I have to teach a class tomorrow night at the shop, a beginners class, should be good fun!!
Hope you all have a great week!!

Happy scrapping!!

Thursday, 26 April 2007


Warning long post ahead!!

So I've been tagged by
Tash. These are the "rules..
Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

1. I am 3 different mums in one. I was a youngish and single mum when I had Chris, an older (well not that old though..) mum with the 2 girls and a stepmum to Allan's kids. How lucky am I!!

2. I sang backing vocals in a band, sang a-capella with a group and played guitar (not that good though) and sang Irish songs with a friend of mine. This was all in Holland.

3. I didn't drive car for the first 3 years we lived in Australia. I was too insecure to drive here. Different side of the road and some other rules. Now that I do drive here there isn't a day that goes by without me driving. And I do so much more now that I drive, a whole new world opened up to me!!

4. I was a primary school teacher in Holland. I went to Uni when Chris turned 3 and only worked as a teacher for 3 years before moving to Australia.

5. I was INXS' biggest fan in Holland when hardly anybody knew them overthere. Everyone then thought it was a strange name.

6. I've only been scrapping for a little over a year.

7. People often think that I am outgoing but in fact I am quite shy and insecure.

Yay... done!! I saw that a lot of people have already been tagged but I'll try to get 7 anyway so count yourselves tagged
Liz, Kim, Kaz, Jen, Godelieve, Philippa and Marije

So, we've been on holiday.. well more like a break actually but it was good. We had a couple of days of lovely weather that we spent on the beach. We didn't swim but built sandcastles jumped over the waves and just walked and enjoyed the ocean and salty air. To my surprise my girls both did the opposite of what I expected. Lucy, who is usually the daredevil, was very scared of "bubble" (she calls everything that is wet bubble so also the ocean). She felt fine on the soft sand but didn't really want to go any closer to the water than that. Ruby just adored the water. She jumped over little waves and wanted to go further in the water to jump over the "big waves" and I thought that she was the more insecure one and not daredevil one at all. So how wrong can you be!!

Ruby did end up having a bit of a stomach bug so Sunday she spent at our friends house just lying on the couch and watching some telly. That day it was raining anyway so her timing was pretty good. Allan and I took Lucy to Mogo to have a look around while Chris stayed with Ruby. I, of course, had to check out the local scrap store, Amanda's at Mogo. It was a little shop but with so much stuff!! I never knew people could fit so many things in a relatively small space. Found some lovely little goodies to take home.

On Tuesday we went to Allan's Uncle Harry's funeral. He died while we were on holiday so we came back a little earlier for his funeral. Uncle Harry was a lovely man, I feel very privileged I got to know him. He always had great stories to tell and luckily a lot of his stories about the past have been documented so that will be fantastic to read. Allan's family have been in Canberra for a long time. His grandmother was the first centenarian in Canberra! How special is that. His grandmother's last name was Kelly so I always imagine him being a great great great grandson of Ned Kelly ;)

Anyway... some photo's form our holiday. I hardly took any but here are my favourite ones.

To everyone who is so lucky going to kiwiscraps.. hope you all have the best time and hopefullyI can go next time as well......

Happy scrapping!


I'm so sorry for not updating yet.
We've been on holidays (not many photo's though) but got back early as Allan's uncle died at the age of 94 and we wanted to attend his funeral.
I have been tagged by the lovely Tash so I owe you all a big update which will happen tomorrow. I have been scrapping with my friend Lucrecia all night and then have been totally distracted by the cricket (yes I do watch it and love love love it!! ... eventhough I've only been familiar with cricket for the last 4 years..) so I have no scrapping to share. I did attend a card class last night at Leeanne"s (with my girls Michelle and Tracy.. and met Irene ... which was great!!). I'll show you the results soon....

Hope you all had a nice and safe ANZAC day!

Lest we forget.

Update real soon!!!

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Quick updat

Just a very quick update as we are going to the bay this morning , YAY.

Had my first kids class yesterday and had 10 kids in my class instead of the maximum 8. Didn't matter though. The kids were great! They created some beautiful LO's and what's more important, they were very happy with them themselves.
Better get packing now. Will catch up again in a week!!

Monday, 16 April 2007

The Boot

We spent saturday at the farm of Allan's niece and her husbands family at their annual cricket game called "the boot". Well.. the prize is "the boot"! It was the 8th time it was held and our 4th time we attended. It was Allan's first time to play cricket there. It was so much fun. Our friends Ash and Tracy came along with their son Jackson. We had a fantastic day.

Ruby and Jackson found this lovely girl, Georgia, who looked after them almost the entire day! She was so good with them! Every now and them they came over for a drink or some food but the rest of the day they just played and played.

Lucy had a ball with all the other kids and all the dogs that were there. She had such a good time that she didn't even had a sleep!!

Allan didn't get any runs BUT he did get a wicket (second ball)!!!! He was a bit disappointed that he didn't get any runs but he had a great time playing. Ash played as well, he was opener. The first time he only had 3 runs but because he had less that 10 and the other guys were out he got another shot at batting and got some more runs then. I tried to take some photo's of them batting and bowling but it didn't really work that well with my digi camera. I really would love a digital SLR!!!

We had lots of yummy food and drinks and we're totally exhausted after spending the entire day outside and relaxing (well us girls anyway..)
Lucy fell asleep as soon as we put her in her car seat. Both girls were so good all day!!

Yesterday I went over to scrap at Lucrecia but we ended up just chatting all night. Tomorrow we go out for the day to Goulburn. Should be good fun!

I'll be teaching my first class at Scrap the Lot on Wednesday afternoon. The class is fully booked with kiddies, looking forward to it!!

Here are some more photo's taken at "the Boot". I just love the farm and all the beautiful surroundings.

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Easter Update

Hope everybody's had a great easter!! We had a nice relaxing easter. On Saturday morning we had the traditional egg hunt. It was the first time for Lucy to go and hunt the eggs.. She loved it!! Once she had one egg there was no stopping here. She very quickly found out that you had to unwrap them first (foil doesn't taste that good) before you could eat them. So what she did was find lots of eggs then unwrap them and take a little bite out of all of them because she was in too much of a rush to unwrap the next one. Was very cute. Ruby was racing around with a little container that very quickly was too small for the amount of eggs she found. As soon as she had a bigger bowl she was happy again and squealed every time she found another egg. Chris was a very lovely big brother and helped the little ones find all their eggs.

Later that morning we went for a walk to a nice playground for the kids where they had a lot of fun. It was nice to be able to go there with the five of us because usually it's just me and the girls.

On monday we went to see Allan's uncle Harry. He is in the hospital not doing all too well. He's such a lovely man. He's 95 but as sharp (and cheeky) as anything. There were some of his children as well that I had never met. It was so funny to see them because I could see so many of Allan's sisters and nieces in them. Quite amazing!!

The rest of the weekend was just relaxing, seeing some friends, eating some more eggs and I spend quite a bit of time scrapping. I spend a lovely time at scrapbooking top 50 at their easter cyber crop. There were 3 challenges and one participation challenge. The challenges were to use the blank space on your photo to journal on, a sketch that you had to scrap in monochromatic colours, and a LO in purple and white with a hint of green. The participation challenge was to make at least 2 cards form the same cardstock and PP. I made 6!! I won't show the cards because I might send them to one of you :))

Here are all the LO's

Further.. Crafting in Style has announced their first DT member: Kaz!!! Big congrats to you Kaz!! Check out her gorgeous work on her blog or Crafting in Style.

Have a great week (holidays for some of you..)!!

Friday, 6 April 2007

Happy Easter!!

Almost Easter! I can't believe how quick this term went! It feels as if Chris has only been back at school for a couple of weeks! It's only one more week of school for him and then he has schoolholidays. Will be good to have him around for 2 weeks. The girls especially will love it as he always spends lots of time entertaining them. Allan has those 2 weeks of as well so hopefully we will be able to go away for a couple of days to Bateman's Bay.

Allan was brought up in Canberra but has lived in Bateman's Bay for about 20 years. After living in Holland with me we moved to the gold coast and then moved to Canberra. We always love going to the coast for holidays or weekends away. Allan still has quite a few friends overthere so we can stay with his friends often, which is always fun. I can't wait actually to spend some time near the beach. I always love spending time on the beach. Not sunbaking or so but swimming, walking and just hanging out.

This morning we went to playgroup where the kids had an easter egg hunt. They were so excited! I took my camera but I had forgotten to charge it so I didn't get to take one single photo!! I'd better make sure that I will have it charged and ready to go for our easter egg hunt on Sunday. I am going to paint some real eggs as well and hide them too. In Holland we always used to paint eggs with easter and we would eat heaps of them! We used to have a special sort of potatoe salad with "curries eggs" (I think that's what you call them overhere??). But I'm the only one in the family that likes that potatoe salad so I won't be making it. My mum was over for Lucy's first birthday and she made one of those salads then. It was just gorgeous!!

Anyway... I have been busy creating some easter LO's for my class at Scrap The Lot. Can't share yet but I do have another one to share. A LO that I made at Kaz' class at CIS. It was a doodling class which I totally loved. I did a class yesterday as well with Tash at CIS, a stamping class, but I haven't finished that LO so can't share that one yet. This is the doodling one.

Hope you all have a great Easter!!