Tuesday, 31 July 2007


Some exciting news but I won't be able to share until tomorrow... so check my blog tomorrow for the news.. woohoo!!!

Tuesday, 17 July 2007


These cisters are just the best!! Love them!!!!!!!

Have a look here.......

Now that the kids are getting better Allan has come down with the flu plus he went to see the doctor who told him he has bronchitis!! Not too good. I'm still walking around and doing my thing but not feeling too flash either. Guess mums always hang in there.

I just feel bad for Chris because his holiday hasn't been great so far with me working, him being sick and now Allan being sick! Last week a friend asked if he wanted to help them move so he earned himself some pocket money, I was very proud of him for doing a good job!

All the kids classes at the Scrap the Lot are totally booked so that's great! I am amazed at the LO's some kids produce, really awesome!!

I haven't done much scrapping, just one LO for the CIS CC and I've been working on the calender for the swap at CIS.

Not much else happening here at the moment so I will leave you with the LO for the CC

Happy scrapping!!

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Photo swap.....

Hey Alison, I've updated :) !!!
I am taking part in a photo swap at CIS. Dee and I and Liz and I have swapped photo's and have created a LO for eachother. It is great to create a LO for someone else and have them create one for you. I was a bit nervous making a LO for them but fortunately both LO's turn out quite nice if I say so myself so I hope that they will be as happy with their LO's as I am with them.

Here is the LO for Liz

And the Lo for Dee

The girls have both created LO's for me. I haven't got Dee's one yet (it's on it's way and will share when it has arrived) but I do have Liz's LO for me. Just totally LOVE it!!!

On the weekend I participated in a CC at scrapbooking top 50 which was sponsored by CIS. I made a LO for 2 of the 3 challenges. One challenge was creating a LO inspired by this pair of spotty boots.... This is what I came up with (the spots are in the PP and Ruby her top.. just to clarify )

The next one was a challenge where you had to find something in your house which inspired you. I used the flowers that Lucrecia gave me the other day (she is so sweet!!) and created this LO with the flowers in mind.

This Lo is of Lucy and my friend Christine her daughter Becky. They look so cute together having a little chat. Was wondering what they were talking about :)
And guess what, I won a 10 dollar voucher from CIS, with the participation challenge! You had to take a photo of yourself (that weekend) and upload it in the gallery. I was shocked that I won, but hey it's all good fun!!

Ok then here's the photo, taken in the bathroom late at night after a night of scrapping...

I had a totally scrappy weekend. Saturday at the shop I finished a LO and continued working on a little wooden handbag, Sunday we had a great lunch at Lucrecia and scrapped with all my scrapping buddies and Monday my friend Janina came over and I finished 1 LO and we made quite a few cards (she made quite a few more than me though!!) so all in all it was a great weekend!!

Unfortunately as soon as the holidays started all my kiddies started to get sick. Ruby started it with a cold, then Chris followed with a full on flu and cold and now little Lulu is coughing and just feeling miserable. Just hope they will all feel better really soon!! Looking forward to do some fun stuff with all the kids (and take lots of photo's).

Happy scrapping!

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

LO pick of the week

Hey check it out here!!

I'm so honoured that Jolene picked my LO as LO pick of the week!!
It's already been up there for quite a few days so if you want to see it there you have to be quick!

Took part in the birthday CC at scrapboxx but only created one LO. Like the LO though, it's about Megan and Ruby and Lucy. They always love it when she comes over and it really shows in the photo's think! The quality of the image is not so good as I had so scan it and my scanner doesn't seem to do the LO's many favours.

I also made a fun Lo for Crafing in Style's photo comp. It's one about Chris and him being funny, which is quite normal for him but rarely shows in a LO.

I finally got my IKEA unit up! It used to be Allan's but he kindly gave it to me and he stores his records now on other shelves, nice hubby of mine. He painted the wall for me in a nice green. I am so happy with the colour, looks gorgeous. So I've started to reorganise all my scrapstuff but it takes a lot longer than what I thought it would. This is what my scrap area looks like now:

Allan has started his new job this week so it is pretty exciting for him but I think he's liking it a lot so it's all good.
Last friday we had a VIP night at Scrap the lot. I had to organise a make and take with the new gel-a-tin stamps so I created to cards for people to make. The cards are still at the shop but I will upload them when I have them back.
Till next time and happy scrapping!