Tuesday, 30 October 2007

More birthdays

My baby girl turned 2 almost 2 weeks ago!! Here's the birthday girl being very happy (and tickled).

Just like last year we had a party for her on my birthday (which was 3 days later and on a Sunday). We had a total of 26 people over which was fantastic. Lots of her friends were over and were having a ball just playing. We didn't bother playing any games as all the kids were just too busy having fun to be disturbed. We also had my friends over (conveniently most of them have little kiddies, which are the girls friends, too). We prepared an easy but so yummy BBQ and I used some Donna Hay recipes after a colleague was telling me about her gorgeous recipes. I must tell you I have fallen in love with Donna Hay. I used 2 recipes for the BBQ (sweet and sour chicken on skewers and beef kofta's on skewers). They were from the kids magazine but every one loved them and they were so easy to make! I also made the cupcakes (instead on one big cake) and used the cupcakes with raspberry cream recipe. They were the best cup cakes I've ever made!

My darling husband had a big surprise for me. A present I've longed for for quite some time now

MY NEW DIGI SLR CANON EOS 400 All the piccies on today's entry have been taken with it. I love it so much!!!

The new sketch for "My Sketch World" is out! It is a gorgeous sketch and had heaps of fun making a LO for it. This is what I came up with.

Lucy is having her blogs first birthday in November so you can expect some gorgeous sketches every week for the whole month, go and have a look!!

I have done quite a bit more scrapping but have no piccies of it as they are classes for "Scrap The Lot" or I haven't quite finished it yet.

On Sunday I taught a class using a little 4" x 4" Maya road binder album. It was a 4 hour class instead of the normal 3 hour classes. The class was during the day which is different too. I found that most of the ladies found it a lovely idea as it gave them a nice break! All their albums turned out gorgeous!!

Thursday I'll be teaching what you can do with all those scraps and turn it into a nice little weekly journal. Love that class!

Coming weekend we'll be going to Bateman's bay for a 5 day break. Allan's sisters gave him half of the holiday on his birthday. Because Tuesday is a public holiday we decided to extend the weekend with 2 more days. So looking forward to be down the coast again (and not just for all the photo opportunities with my new beauty :) ). The weekend after Lucrecia and I will be going to Kiwiscraps. So much to look forward to!!!

And the lovely Dee has tagged me, thanks girlie. So here are 7 random things about me.

1. I have to read before i go to sleep, have done that for as long as I can remember!

2. My favourite book at the moment is "A thousand splendid suns" by Khaled Hosseini. If you haven't read it yet you really should do yourself the favour and read it, awesome book! When i told my mum that I was reading that book and loving it she told me that she was reading his other book (in Dutch) at the same time and she loved that one too... she's going to bring it over for me when she comes here.. will be hard to wait!!)

3. We had 2 cats when we left Holland and they both moved in with my brother. The girl though escaped and they never found her again, was very sad!! We had our cats since Chris was 6 months old so they were 9 years old at the time.

4. I love gardening, especially a flower garden with lots of scented flowers. I have quite a few English roses in my not so big garden and at the moment my garden is so beautifully scented!

5. I wish I was a more tidy person!!!!

6. I love snacking at night when every one has gone to bed (naughty me!!)

7. I am quite stubborn and opinionated (too much at times!!)

Phew, that's done! So now I tag Margaret and Kaz. Here you go girlies :)

Happy scrapping :)

Monday, 15 October 2007


Just a quick update...

Woohoo, I'm officially a diva designer now for this cool sketch site, check it out here!!

Lucy has created a gorgeous sketch for us to create a LO with. It will be on the site the first week of November so keep your eye on that!

I've been busy teaching kiddies classes at Scrap the Lot and preparing some classes for later on in the month (Sunday the 28th of October) and next month.

At Crafting in Style Jolene has set up some surprise challenges. 14 challenges for 2 weeks. Love what she has come up with. My fave one was to design a sketch for a LO and then scrap it. Weird to scrap your own sketch but I loved it heaps!! It's almost finished and I'll upload it when we can.

I've finally worked on my journal again. Hadn't done it in ages because I was working on Allan's album and some swaps.
I still have to work on quite a few other swaps. I'm in 2 different calendar swaps so am pretty busy with that.

Unfortunately the school holidays are over. Really loved having Chris at home. The girls really have so much fun with him, he is such a fun brother to them!

Just a few more sleeps and it's my baby's 2nd birthday (already!!). Can't wait.

Well I'd better get back to my classes!!

Happy scrapping :)

Monday, 1 October 2007


It's about time I updated hey!!! LOL

We've had a busy fun time! Last week on friday it was Allan's 50th!! Yes the big one. He was so NOT looking forward to it. I had a few surprises planned for him but I really found it hard not to let anything slip... but I did it!!

So on friday morning we gave him some pressies.. I gave him the album I made for him, he loved it.. phew!! Then a bit later we had a lemon meringue pie that I made the night before, was so yum!

I told Al that we would go out together for a little while, have lunch together and go to Floriade. We dropped of the kids at Michelle and went to town. After Floriade (fantastic!!) and had some lunch at a club (hey it was his birthday.. not mine!!) I said that we could go to our next destination. He said: "Isn't it a little bit early for that... (he thought we were having dinner with a group of people)". I told him that it was fine so we left. He was driving (he doesn't like it when I drive.. thinks I drive too fast.. I don't!!) I told him to go to Bungendore and also told him that we were NOT going to the coast, to prevent disappointment.

He was totally puzzled.. didn't know what was going on. For a little while he was still thinking that people would meet us there. But he soon figured out that that was not the case. He then thought we were going to have a look at something, that I wanted to show him something (still don't know what LOL).

When we arrived in Bungendore we went to "The Carrington" where I said I needed to do something. I got the key to our room and took him there. He was so surprised and thought it was a fantastic idea!! So then I told him that there was a nice spa and that we were going to have a lovely dinner there too, and stay the night of course!

I also said that I had tried to organise a dinner but that not many people could make it and that I thought that going to Bungendore was a nice thing to do instead of the dinner. He totally bought it (man it was hard to keep a straight face!).

So after enjoying the spa we went to play some pool in a pub and then went to the restaurant to have a gorgeous dinner.

Al had Crispy Duck salad and I had oysters for entree, I then had a lambrack with kumara mash and he had a eye fillet steak with yum things, for dessert we had ice cream with lovely sauce and creme caramel.
Was really a fantastic dinner in a lovely place, I can really recommend it!!

Next day we went back home and I took Chris and the girls to Chris's school where they had an art expo. We bought a lovely painting made by a student for only $30. It'll look great in the girls bedroom. Then we had to get the balloons and the cake. In the mean time Allan and his friend Darrin went to the pub "to watch the footy". The kids and I got ready and went to Turk Oz to get everything ready for his b'day dinner. We had one table for all the 10 kids and 1 big table for all the adults. I got every child a pack with texta's and paper and stickers so they had something to do. Soon everyone arrived and when everyone was there Darrin brought Allan over to have some dinner. He told him that he used to go to this restaurant with his footy mates after a game. Allan didn't think anything of it so he was totally shocked when he came into the restaurant and we all started singing.

It was a great night! There were some friends that he hadn't seen in a while so he got a chance to catch up with them as well.

I am so happy that I could keep everything a surprise for him, I really loved seeing the surprise and joy on his face, awesome!!

Here are some impressions of it all.

On Saturday it was Chris's 14th birthday. He didn't really want a big party so he invited his best friend over and they went to the movies and had lunch in town together. Afterwards they came home, played the playstation and we ordered pizza for dinner (his fav). He had a great day so that's what counts.

I went to ACTSA again in the afternoon with Margaret. We had a great time, love the demonstrations they do. We both haven't been stamping for that long so the "Back to Basics" ones are very good for us :)

There's a birthday celebration goin on at Crafting in Style, heaps of fun with loads of fun games, workshops and classes. The even better thing is that they are free!! On the weekend there will be a fantastic sale, 30% of everything in store!!! And guess what, I won the first game, it was on tonight!!

I've been working on the challenges for the DT comp at Crafty Collages. Heaps of fun!! Am still working on my OTP project but can already show you the card (with a quote) and the 8.5 x 11" LO. For the LO we had to work mono chromatic, so one colour in different shades. I made a LO for my BOM about Ruby, about what a kind person she is.

The card has the quote: "live the life you dream of" on it. Love that one!!

The CC was also on this weekend at Crafty Collages. I only got to do 1 challenge as I was busy with the kiddies and the DT comp work. The challenge was to use 3 colours only, yellow, white and pink. Use a chipboard shape and have yourself in the picture. I thought I might as well make the frontpage for my book of me, so here it is.

I'll leave you guys for today with this piccie that I took today with my little digi camera. Never thought I could take a pic like this, just love it.

Oh that's right, Lucrecia and I are going to kiwiscraps!! Woooooohoooooooooooooo

Happy scrapping!!!