Monday, 19 November 2007

kiwi scraps and holidays...

About time I did a bit of an update, slack blogger me!!

So first of all our holdiay to Bateman's Bay was lovely.

The forecast said that it was going to rain for 5 days but luckily our little spot had blue skies most of the time. I just rained in the evening and at night and maybe a little in the mornings, which was fine!

We spent most of the time on the beach, going for walks, jumping in the waves (swimming in the ocean would have been a "little" too cold) and swimming in the pool.

It was the first time that Lucy swam in a pool and she totally loved it! We are going to take her to swimming lessons after the school holidays.

She also loved the beach and the waves this time. Last time we were on the beach she was so scared of the ocean she couldn't even bare to look at it and wanted to be as far away from the waves as possible. How things can change, now she just wants to go in quite far (well much further then we went!).

All in all it was a great holiday. Here is a bit of an impression.. I won't show all of the 530 (!) photo's i took... just had so much fun playing with my new camera, Chris has renamed me paparazzi...

Then we went home on Tuesday. On Wednesday I had to work and had things to do in the evening so that left me with only Thursday to get ready for Kiwi scraps. Just the one day!! I went to town to get my photo's printed (for one class we needed 30 to 40 so wasn't going to do them all at home). Everything went fine untill I wanted to pick up the photo's. The machine that prints the photo's broke down just as my pictures were due to be printed... So I had to go and find another place that could print my photo's TODAY. I found one but it was more expensive than the other one, but I had to get them printed so I went there. It just takes so long to get your photo's all uploaded and ordered!! My girls were so good not getting totally frustrated with all the waiting!!

So on Friday morning Lucrecia and I set of to go to KIWISCRAPS. What a fantastic time we had. Both nights we didn't go to sleep till 2 am because we were too busy scrapping and chatting.

We met some lovely people, people that I've met online before. So that was so great to see them IRL. We did classes with Wendy Smedley, Stacy Julian and Nic Howard. My favourite classes were with Nic Howard. She is such a talented lady!! Love her work. I also bought her book (read the book which I borrowed from a friend before from cover to cover whilst on holidays) and asked her to sign it for me. I always feel so funny about asking that sort of thing but she was happy to do it.. Lucrecia and I also got a photo taken with her.

On this pic it shows Lucrecia and me at the beginning of kiwi scraps (the pics at the top) and at the end of kiwiscraps....

We had such a great time but were totally exhausted Sunday afternoon. Good thing we went on the bus!!

So we did 6 projects at kiwi scraps. Have only got one LO finished though.. this week I'll finish the rest.

I created some LO's for "My sketchworld". This month it's the first birthday so there is a weekly sketch, there are weekly card sketches as well.

Here are my contributions.

Till next time!

Happy scrapping :)