Sunday, 6 January 2008

Happy new year!!

I hope you all have a fabulous, healthy, happy and creative 2008!!
We spend new years eve with some friends wjho live just around the corner. Was fun. Singing loads of singstar so now Chris and are loving it so much that Al bought us the microphones plus 2 of the games, R&B and pop. So much fun! Ruby likes it too, even though she can't read the lyrics she just hums along and sings the parts she knows.. so cute!!

Jennifer Hall is teaching a month long class called Pieces of life. Every day we receive a quote, page sketch, example and a bonus project. I am totally up to date with the album (yay) but haven't done any of the bonus projects yet.

It's a bit different from what I normally do but it's good to do something different. I am just not used to so much white space.
This is the front of the album plus the first few pages that we've done so far.

At CIS we received some big news! Jolene has sold the shop to Ally (who started Crafty Collages not so long ago). She needed and wanted to spend more time with her family. Ally was part of the CIS community before she started her own shop so now she is back. Ally and Jolene are both lovely people so I'm sure CIS will still be as good as it was with Jolene! I do hope though that Jolene will still be part of the CIS community. She is very inspiring. Have a look at her BLOG here.

At the monthly photo shop challenges we learned how to give a photo a vintage hand tinted look. I so much love how this pic of Lucy has turned out. You can really see her pretty features in it (well at least I think so but I'm biased).

And this is the LO I made with it. It's quite different, I think, from what I normally do. You can't really see it in this pic but I used quite a bit of kindy glits. Nice and glittery!!

Marjolein (A Dutchie in Canada) showed in her BLOG this book that she is making this year with Eliseblaha.
I decided to join them too, this is the front of my album. The first weeks subject is balance. This will be interesting for a libra like me ;)

Through Marjolein i found this Dutch freestyle scrap yahoo group. I joined up because I never see and LO's etc that Dutch people make or talk about any scrappy things with Dutch people. It's just so funny so see that they use exactely the same papers and so that we use here. I should find out if they have a Dutch scrap brand!! Next week they have a COL (crop online.. smae sorta thing as CC here). I can't really do it with them at the same time as it would be the middle of the night for me but I'll be able to drop in in the morning and say hello at the end of their COL. And do the challenge of course.

That's it for now, it's going to be hot today so after the girls have had a big play with their friends (and Lucy a nap) will go to the pool.

Happy scrapping!


manon said...

Even een test...

KarenB said...

I love your album pages so far Manon, a little bit away from your usual style but still gorgeous. It's great to mix it up a bit sometimes and try something new.

Anonymous said...

Lieve Manon,

Het ziet er weer prachtig uit,ik ben ook erg beniewd wat het nederlandse scrapping voor jou kam betekenen.
Wat grappig dat Ruby het zingen met een microfoon leuk vind,van wie zou ze dat nu hebben.

Liefs mama

saffiertje said...

MAnon, thanks for stopping at my blog! great to see you joined in a dutch challange! yes we Dutchies use all the same papers and things pscrappers all over the world use!

Funny to hear abot how other people want to discover other blogger/scrap countries! I love the album! And the great things you made from the Jenn Hall class. I love her work,She is so great in keeping her own style! Love that. my style...I don''t know. A lot of styles I love... depents on the picture and my mood...

hope to hear from you more often! Love yor wrk and your Presious kids! They are so cute!

XOX Miranda

Elly said...

Wat leuk dat jij Jenn Hall volgt! Ik vind haar stijl helemaal geweldig! Je hebt onwijs leuke lootjes gemaakt met haar spullen.
Groetjes Elly

Julie said...

Hi Manon.
Great to catch up on your blog. Glad you had a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.
I see you have been busy creating ... you little project looks great.
Look forward to chatting again soon :O)

Liz said...

Hiya Manon - OMG look at all the projects you are doing - just love the idea of your mini album and how cute is Ruby playing singstar. Love that you are keeping so busy scrapping about all the wonderful things in your life :-)

Anonymous said...

Hoi Manon,

Ik ben helemaal niet met het scrapping bezig, maar jou stijl vind ik toch wel heel mooi. Ik kijk zo nu en dan nog af en toe op jou site. Leuk hoor.Misschien ga ik ook wel eens aan de slag als ik het borduren even zat ben.( Ik ben een Harry Potter aan het Borduren). Die moet echt af voor mijn tante zegger haar slaapkamer.

Groetjes van Monique Tenfelde.

Anonymous said...

Hoi MAnon,

Nog even dit ik ben nu niet meer met mijn blog bezig ik zit meer op hyves. Ik wil die blog nog verwijderen maar ik weet nog niet hoe. Groetjes monique

M@risk@ said...

Hi Manon, thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my blog. Always nice to see new visitors. Are you a Dutch girl?

karenday said...

wow i love that photo!!! and also adore that "life" layout. i love how uve done the word life!!!!

awesome stuff as per usual :)

Marjolein said...

I like how you're doing your album, love that style!!!
The photo is great, love the layout too!!
So glad you started the Paper 08 challenge, great cover, can't wait to see your pages though!!