Saturday, 29 March 2008

Earth Hour

Tonight is earth hour. As the girls will be in bed then (it's at 8 pm) I'll play some games by candlelight with Chris then. Should be fun!! Allan and his mates will be at the Raiders vs Dragons game where they will dim the lights for an hour. Bet that will be pretty special!!
Have a look here to join in Earth Hour.

Before and after earth hour I'll be chatting and scrapping with the girls at CIS, hope you'll be there too!!

Last weekend the kids had an egg hunt. I had bought some eggs and a bunny each but then we won a raffle (more eggs) and Drew and Megan gave the kids eggs and bunnies as well... so we (they) ended up with loads of chocolates!! Not that they complained though. They loooved it!! Lucy started to eat the eggs as soon as she found one. She was so excited to find the eggs. Ruby was running around trying to find them all and was just loving the whole hunt. Chris controlled (LOL) himself and only "found" a few for the girls sake. He still loves the hunt too though!

Here's the kiddies during their hunt..

I suppose this pic shows why I don't scrap as many pics of Chris as I do of the girls.. but then again I guess that most teenagers are not that willing to pose for all the paparazzi mums out there :)

This is my LO for the CIS sketch blog this week. It's about my mum with Lucy when she was only a few days old. It won't be long and my mum and brother Jeroen will be over here. They will be here for the month of May. We're all looking forward to see them again. Especially the girls can't wait to see their Oma again and to go to the park with her, draw, paint and read stories with her. They are missing out on their oma the rest of the year so I bet they are going to make up for the times they miss out on her. That my brother is coming over will be a lovely bonus for them.
Lucy has never met her Uncle and Ruby was only a baby the last time she saw him. They are going to have so much fun!!

Next weekend will be going to "the Boot". It's an annual cricket event at Allan's niece her hubby's families farm in the bush. We've been there 3 times before and love going there. This year Darrin, Michelle and their kids will be there as well. So much looking forward to it!! Woohoo

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Happy scrapping.


Liz said...

Oh Manon Chris, Ruby and Lucy look so cute hunting for eggs. Great photos. Woohoo on your mum and brother coming for a visit. Hope the kids enjoy their time with family.

Just love your Oma layout and can't wait to see what your next layout will be.

Anonymous said...

Lieve Manon,
Wat een mooi verhaal over Pasen en prachtige foto's en natuurlijk de mooie L.O. je het er weer iets moois van gemaakt.

Liefs mama

M@risk@ said...

De foto van je zoon, hoe herkenbaar! Paas is eieren zoeken en zelfs mijn jongens hebben dit 1e paasdag nog gedaan. Mooi hoe je het lint hebt verwerkt op je layout.

Terri H said...

Manon I sooooooo love that photo of sort of screams the title 'No Photos Please!' lol

Enjoy your family coming to visit...the kidlets will love it all too!

Loving your LO's

Lesli said...

Great LO - looks like the kiddo's had a wonderful Easter. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)