Sunday, 20 April 2008

Forever and Always...

Just a quick update..
First of all.. big hugs to my friend Lucrecia who brought over this gorgeous dinner on Thursday night!! You are such a lovely dear friend, love you girl!!

I have been participating in the Forever and Always Cybercrop and I'm loving it. Lovely girls and great challenges!! The first LO I did ( on Friday night) was challenge 2. The criteria was to think of a box of chocolates.. (not that hard lol) so a white, brown or black background, clean lines with lots of squares and bling (the shiny wrappers). I don't do too many clean lines and squares so this was a nice challenge for me... This is what I did.

Then last night (Saturday) I participated in the "recipe for scrapping" challenge. Sonia gave us the ingredients and the recipe on how to do the LO, but no pictures so it was sometimes a bit of a guess what she menat.. which was good. So I ended up with this LO (I added a few personal touches like every one else did).

While I was scrapping I also had a lovely online chat to my friend Liz. Always nice to catch up!
Last night Allan's friend Darrin came over with his girls for dinner (and the footy) and I made this maroccan chicken dish from Stephanie Aleanders "the cooks companion" cookbook. It was just delicious!! I borrowed the book from the library but am very tempted to buy it somewhere. It's such a big book with loads of recipes, very good!!
I might look for some recipes with zucchini as my little gardener harvested this big zucchini :)

I often have a look where the people come from that read my blog and am so happy to see that they come from literally all over the world!! I would love you all to say hello!! :)
Hope you all enjoy the rest of the weekend.
Happy scrapping!

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Scarlet Lime Kits

I just couldn't believe these hackers last week and into this week. These hackers that target scrapbooking sites... Really, don't they have anything better to do with their time.. they should try scrapbooking LOL.
The weekend before last (when Allan ruptured his achilles) I spent a little bit of time at this new wonderful site that I discovered called "Mystical Scrapbooks". They had a CC on and I love a challenge but I managed to do only the one LO. It was a sketch challenge. Lucky me as the girls voted my LO as the winner for the sketch challenge!! Yay :)

It was a shame though that those hackers kept disturbing the site and deleting threads in the forum, stuffing up the gallery etc. Very annoying. They also payed some visits to Crafting in Style, did the same things overthere!! Luckily the server handled it really well and,fingers crossed, they won't bother again!!
Ally has ordered Scarlet Lime kits and I was lucky enough to order one of them. Ally ordered 10 and they are all sold out. I can't wait for it to arrive!! If you are interested in them as well please let Ally know as she is thinking of making it a subscription kit. Have a look in the forum and sign up!!

The new sketch will be up in the forum today. It was a sketch by Liz, a lovely sketch. Here is my LO for the sketch.
It has a picture of 2 Rubies on it. Ash and Tracy's little girl is called Ruby as well and our Ruby thinks it's pretty cool!!
I hadn't showed you the LO for the sketch challenge for last week. It's a sketch made by Ally. The LO is about Ruby and Harper at the blowhole in Kiama.

I haven't even showed the LO for the monthly sketch challenge!! If you haven't done so already please have a go and win that gorgeous BG stamp set. The prizes are so good all the time!! Shame I can't enter. This LO is Lucy having fun in the garden.

And a bit of detail...

A LO for the Crafting in Style CC that was on last weekend. I used some piccies that my mum emailed me. She just loooooves walking and walks about 3 times a week. Not strolls but 25 Km walks with those sticks (don't know if you've ever seen them but they seem pretty popular in Holland, maybe other countries as well but I haven't seen anyone with them here as yet). On one of her walks nature had a very icy look to it. I loved these pictures so decided to use that for a LO. Something different.

Last but not least. A LO for Aussie scrapjack. It's a jack of a LO from Nic Howard. Just love what she does!! It's Lucy at "The Boot" where she was having so much fun playing with friends!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the LO's. I'd better do something fun with the kiddies today as I had to work 2 days in a row.

Happy scrapping!!

Monday, 7 April 2008

The Boot 2008

Saturday we went to the annual "The Boot". It's about an hour drive from Canberra to the property of Allan's Niece her family. I always enjoy going there so much. This year it was going to be my job to organise the games for the kids so we had all the eggs boiled, sacks out, stockings ready etc for the games. But they didn't happen.... and this is why....

The main focus of "The Boot" is the cricket game. Jol has a team and his friend Matt has a team. Allan has been playing in Jol's team and this year his friend darrin played as well. Allan was openings batman together with Darrin and they did great! Darrin got out after a little while but Allan stayed the full 30 runs (the max. that you can get in this game). He was all happy as you can imagine. I was so pleased for him!! After morning tea he was one of the umpires.

When their team had finished playing we had lunch and after lunch it was Mat's team to bat. Allan was fielding and after a little while, I was just going to do the games with the kids, I heard someone calling.. man down... I was sure it wouldn't be Allan.. but when I looked I realised it was him...

He was in quite a bit of pain and we carried him to the sideline. He and Matt said they heard a snapping sound, like a whip... not good!!

So after some cooling and a bandage we drove back to the city. Normally Allan always wants to drive on the highways and dirt roads but today he had to surrender to my driving skills LOL. He was quite surprised that it wasn't that bad after all..

Anyway we went to the ER and stayed there for 6 (!) hours with the girls. After he was seen and put in plaster we went home again. The doctor was quite sure it was his achiles. So the next day we had an appointment in another hospital, waited another 4 hours (with the girls again!!) and then he was admitted. 2 Hours later he was in the operating room!! I was quite shocked how quick that was organised!!

So now he's still in hospital and I'll have to go and pick him up in half an hour. He's still in quite a lot of pain, the poor darling. As you can imagine I didn't get any scrapping done..

I did however take a pic of Al after his fall... people laughed when I did... can't miss that photo opportunity hey!!

So here are the pics of the day. Allan playing and being happy.. and later on in pain. And the girls having a ball!!

Hope you all had a better ending to your weekend than we had!!

Happy scrapping