Monday, 7 April 2008

The Boot 2008

Saturday we went to the annual "The Boot". It's about an hour drive from Canberra to the property of Allan's Niece her family. I always enjoy going there so much. This year it was going to be my job to organise the games for the kids so we had all the eggs boiled, sacks out, stockings ready etc for the games. But they didn't happen.... and this is why....

The main focus of "The Boot" is the cricket game. Jol has a team and his friend Matt has a team. Allan has been playing in Jol's team and this year his friend darrin played as well. Allan was openings batman together with Darrin and they did great! Darrin got out after a little while but Allan stayed the full 30 runs (the max. that you can get in this game). He was all happy as you can imagine. I was so pleased for him!! After morning tea he was one of the umpires.

When their team had finished playing we had lunch and after lunch it was Mat's team to bat. Allan was fielding and after a little while, I was just going to do the games with the kids, I heard someone calling.. man down... I was sure it wouldn't be Allan.. but when I looked I realised it was him...

He was in quite a bit of pain and we carried him to the sideline. He and Matt said they heard a snapping sound, like a whip... not good!!

So after some cooling and a bandage we drove back to the city. Normally Allan always wants to drive on the highways and dirt roads but today he had to surrender to my driving skills LOL. He was quite surprised that it wasn't that bad after all..

Anyway we went to the ER and stayed there for 6 (!) hours with the girls. After he was seen and put in plaster we went home again. The doctor was quite sure it was his achiles. So the next day we had an appointment in another hospital, waited another 4 hours (with the girls again!!) and then he was admitted. 2 Hours later he was in the operating room!! I was quite shocked how quick that was organised!!

So now he's still in hospital and I'll have to go and pick him up in half an hour. He's still in quite a lot of pain, the poor darling. As you can imagine I didn't get any scrapping done..

I did however take a pic of Al after his fall... people laughed when I did... can't miss that photo opportunity hey!!

So here are the pics of the day. Allan playing and being happy.. and later on in pain. And the girls having a ball!!

Hope you all had a better ending to your weekend than we had!!

Happy scrapping


Alison said...

Gosh Manon,

I hope poor Alan is feeling better soon. Good on your for your cool head, photography and driving skills.

Thinking of you both :)

Alison xx

Margaret Wilkinson said...

terrible thing to happen. hope he is alright. what a hero you are to wait in those waiting rooms for SO many hours with your little one. You need a hug!

Liz said...

{{HUGS}} to you Manon and to Allan. You brave soul staying at the hospital with the kids. Hope Allan is enjoying being back home and hope he heals quick.

PS: so glad you took photos lol.

Hope to chat soon.

Anonymous said...

Wens Alan beterschap en sterkte de komende tijd.


Julie said...

Hi Manon.
Great to catch-up reading your posts and seeing some of your lovely creations.
Hope all is on the improve with Alan.
Chat soon :O)