Sunday, 20 April 2008

Forever and Always...

Just a quick update..
First of all.. big hugs to my friend Lucrecia who brought over this gorgeous dinner on Thursday night!! You are such a lovely dear friend, love you girl!!

I have been participating in the Forever and Always Cybercrop and I'm loving it. Lovely girls and great challenges!! The first LO I did ( on Friday night) was challenge 2. The criteria was to think of a box of chocolates.. (not that hard lol) so a white, brown or black background, clean lines with lots of squares and bling (the shiny wrappers). I don't do too many clean lines and squares so this was a nice challenge for me... This is what I did.

Then last night (Saturday) I participated in the "recipe for scrapping" challenge. Sonia gave us the ingredients and the recipe on how to do the LO, but no pictures so it was sometimes a bit of a guess what she menat.. which was good. So I ended up with this LO (I added a few personal touches like every one else did).

While I was scrapping I also had a lovely online chat to my friend Liz. Always nice to catch up!
Last night Allan's friend Darrin came over with his girls for dinner (and the footy) and I made this maroccan chicken dish from Stephanie Aleanders "the cooks companion" cookbook. It was just delicious!! I borrowed the book from the library but am very tempted to buy it somewhere. It's such a big book with loads of recipes, very good!!
I might look for some recipes with zucchini as my little gardener harvested this big zucchini :)

I often have a look where the people come from that read my blog and am so happy to see that they come from literally all over the world!! I would love you all to say hello!! :)
Hope you all enjoy the rest of the weekend.
Happy scrapping!


Julie said...

love the pages Manon. They look great.

Liz said...

OH Manon look at your gorgeous pages - well done on following that unseen challenge - your "Play" layout turned out beautifully.

LOL your little zucchini gardener Lucy looks very cute.

I love that Stephanie Alexander cookbook - have yet to buy it myself.

Loved chatting with you - always a pleasure.

Krissy C said...

Gorgeous Lo's for the Forever Always cyber crop Manon!

Krissy xx

M@risk@ said...

Not here for a while and see gorgeous new stuff. You've been pretty busy.

Lis said...

gorgeous layouts, your little girls is just the sweetest little thing :)

*fauve* said...

The layouts are so cute and girly,love them!Thanks for stopping by on my blog :D


kate said...

hey Manon

it seems like you have eaten some yummy foods lately!! i was literally drooling haha. love the pics too :)

~kate (mumofmoo)

M@rtine said...

Hello :)
Beautiful pages, and the little gardner looks So CUTE!

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL layouts and very BEAUTIFUL pictures!!


KarenB said...

I love those gorgeous LO's Manon, and Lucy looks SO cute in that photograph. I love the expression on her face and her outfit is so cute.

Ruby Claire. said...

Thanks for the comment :)
Aww wow!
Your DD's names Ruby too!
Thats so cool!
Theres not many Rubys around! :)
LOVE the pages!
And OMG that zuchinnis MASSIVE!
So cool!
Too bad i dont zuchinni but it looks yummy :)