Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Too quick

These last few weeks have gone way too quickly!! It feels as if my mum and brother only arrived the other day but they have already left again! They have gone to Sydney for a few days before heading back to Holland. It was lovely to have them here. I suppose my mum has made up for the times she can't be with her grandkids. She has been playing with them heaps and they loved it of course! So now we are going back to our normal day to day life.

My gorgeous Ruby turned 4 last week! We had a party the weekend before her birthday so that megan, Drew and Melissa could come over as well. It had been a long time since all the kids were together! It was a lovely day. There were about 35 people in total at our place, the party started at 12 and the last people left just after 5.

We were so lucky that a friend of mine, Anita, painted all the kids their faces. She did such a fantastic job!! Here's the brithday girls in her butterfly glory :)

When my mum and brother were here I had plenty of opportunities to take some pictures. I made a LO about my bro for the CIS sketch blog. I used the little scrappers pack for it that is available in the shop, the lovely Liz gave one to every sketch DT member!!

This is the LO for this weeks sketch. If you take part in the sketch blog monthly competition you have the chance of becoming a guestdesigner for a month!!

At CIS we're having a cinema competition. The first week the genre was comedy. I choose the title "the burbs". Lucy is doing these fake burbs lately. I think she got it from the tot from the fairies.. Anyway here is a LO with Lucy doing her burbs and Ruby not being too impressed :)

Last week the genre was romance. I picked the title the sweetest thing. I had these pics for quite some time now so it was about time I did something with them. I suppose the love affair with chocolate starts here LOL

I started on the scraploot DT competition but pulled out as it was just too busy with my mum and brother being here and having enough time to do all the challenges. This is the card I made for the first and only challenge that I took part in. I am very happy with the card though.

Something I am so excited about is the fact that I am in the top ten of Mystical scrapbooks DT Masters competition! Woohoo!! Here are some of my entries.
The first one was to scrap an 8.5 x 11 LO, monochromatic. I love the little jeans pocket with flowers.

This LO had to be based on journalling... I couldn't get any more journalling on this LO if I wanted to.. I doodled on this LO with a versamark pen and heat embossed it. Never used then pen before bit really love it!This one was for last week. We had to use a size that is so different from the "standard" size and scrap about our scrap journey towards the DT. I was a bit nervous about doing this one but am very happy with how it turned out.

The last one was the hardest (for me anyway) as it had to be typically your style. I do like to vary my style and like to try new things so I really had to think about this one. But I suppose I do love scallops, doodling and funky colours so this is what I came up with. Thank you all so much for your votes!! I am busy working on this weeks challenge. Organising a CC, Theme, challenges and example LO's, fun!!

Suppose this is it for now. I'll try to update a bit sooner instead of having a LO overload.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Very mystical...

Very mystical indeed... been busy with the Mystical Scrapbooks Design Team masters. We're in week 2 now. This week we had to do a "tutorial" with a technique. Have a look at mine:)

The first week we had to create a LO using a sketch from Susan, create a sketch and make a LO using that sketch.

This is the LO I created with Susan's sketch. It's Ruby when she was a little one..

This is the sketch I created

Blogger doesn't let me add the LO I did for that sketch.. it turns it for some reason .. will add that later. You can see it at the mystical gallery if you are really desperate LOL

my nickname there is rubylulu...

For this weeks LO I had to use my flowers, so here is the LO

The shadows are too harsh.. suppose I didn't take the pic at the right time..

The LO's I did for the mystical CC last weekend are also not coming up the right way around so I'll add them in later as well...

At mystical I was also challenged to do a predominantly red LO, with no flowers and a handmade transparency. Well no flowers automatically leads to a "chris" LO.. The transparency is the stop sign on his hand.

I made this LO about Lucrecia and Ruby. In November they had such a gorgeous coversation together and I still hadn't scrapped it. Funny thing is that Lucrecia and I scrapped it almost at the same time, love what she did as well.

This LO was for the sketch challenge at the CC at Forever and Always, just love this cutie pic of Chris and Lucy.
For the sketch blog I created my very first digital LO. I just wanted to have a go at it.. it was fun but I do prefer my paper and glue. I do although really like hybrid.. but have to learn more about that!!

This is the LO for the sketchblog from this week.

With pictures of Chris and my mum. Speaking of them. They, my mum and my brother, arrived last week on Wednesday night. I mangaged to stay awake LOL and picked them up at 11.30.

It was so lovely to see them again. I had forgotten how tall my brother is!!

We have been taking it easy with doing some shopping and going for some nice walks. My mum, Jeroen (my brother) and Chris have gone to Kiama for a week. Looks like they are having a great time!! Wish we could have gone too but with Allan his leg in plaster it wouldn't be very handy.

Tonight the CC at CIS starts.. hope to see many of you there :)

Happy scrapping!!