Friday, 27 June 2008

Scrap Boutique

Look at what is happening at the boutique :)

Fancy winning a Gold Medal and some Great Prizes? Plus a place as our third and final Boutique Stylist is also up for grabs!! Here’s how you can win!!

Registrations are NOW OPEN for our new MAJOR comp… The 2008 ScrapOlympics The competition will start with the Opening Ceremony on Fri July 4 and run for 3 ½ weeks. July is an excellent month to get yourself involved at ScrapBoutique!

It’s our First Birthday Celebration month, and that means there are stacks of fun activities and challenges to get your mojo flowing in a big way!! Plus, our Big Celebration Cybercrop is coming up at the end of the month!
Here’s the Deal…. This comp is not just based on scrapping ability!! Points will be allocated for a variety of things, and will go towards your final Medal Tally…
Points System - 20 points – for completing each week’s ScrapOlympic Challenge.
Plus 20 Bonus Points if you complete ALL 4 Challenges.
Top 3 Voted entries each week will receive 10, 5 and 2 points respectively.
Weekly winner will receive a small prize pack from the Boutique.
10 points – For completing any other official ScrapBoutique Competitions or Challenges (during the competition)
5 points for every $20 you spend in the boutique (you will need to enter your comp id in the comments box)
2 points – for every 10 posts you make in the Forum.
There will also be Spot Bonus Points items throughout the competition….so keep your eyes open!
The Weekly Medal Tally will be displayed for the first 2 weeks only, then it will go into hiding until the medals are awarded at the closing ceremony.
The Prizes – Gold Medallist - $100 ScrapBoutique Gift Voucher
Silver Medallist - $40 ScrapBoutique Gift Voucher
Bronze Medallist - $20 ScrapBoutique Gift Voucher

What you need to do…. -Register your interest in the Registration Thread. -Choose which country you will be representing at the ScrapOlympics. Get in quick, because each country can only be represented by One person! -
ON the FIRST DAY of the comp – you need to see the “list of countries” and enter your current forum post tally, so that I can keep track of them during the comp. -

Get ready for a fun, scrappy time of Olympic proportions!!!

Note – The winner of the Boutique Stylist position will not necessarily be the Gold Medallist. This position will be judged by myself and the current stylists on the quality of your entries, plus your overall participation in the ScrapBoutique community

Well how does that sounds, fun huh!! Come and join in!!!!

Check it out here

Friday, 20 June 2008

First of all... no I didn't get in :(
Talking about mystical scrapbooks, am a bit disappointed but oh well, I'm sure something will come along eventually. Am busy trying for a few other ones so who knows hey! Yes I really would love to be on a Design Team. I am on the CIS sketch blog DT and love that but would love to add a "real" DT to that.
Anyway, what have we been up to? Not much out of the ordinary, playdates with friends (the girls and me as well :) ), dinner with friends, work, scrapping, date with DS Chris.

Chris and I went shopping together and the plan was that we were going out for dinner as well but he already had something to eat before so we didn't. We did go to the movies though. He really wanted to see Narnia.. . I really didn't. But "Narnia" and "Sex and the City" started at the same time so we both went to a movie we really enjoyed and could talk about it afterwards. I felt a bit bad about not going with him but he knew some kids there so it was all good. I so much loved the movie, if you haven't been you really should!!
Oh and guess what. Jol, Allan his niece her husband, who always organises "The Boot", the annual cricket game where Allan ruptured his achiles... he ruptured his Achiles as well, playing basketball. The poor guy!! I don't think he reads this but if you do (gotta do something with all that spare time.. hehe) Jol, hope you feel better very soon, mate!!

My mum brought some books over from Holland for me. I have been trying to read slowly so they'll last me a little longer. She gave me "De vliegeraar" (original title "the kite runner") written by Khaled Hosseini (I read his "a thousand splendid suns" before and totally loved it). Also she gave me a book called "schaduw op het zand (original tital is "Mirage") by Soheir Khashoggi (am reading that at the moment.. great book), a book by Marianne Fredriksson (saving that one for last) and IJsval (original title "Ice Trap") by Kitty Sewell. I already finished the last book and loved it so much. A real must read I reckon!! Aall 4 books are in Dutch and it's nice to read in my native language again as I don't do that very often.
Scrapping wise I've done some work for the sketch blog.

The forever always recipe scrap (so much fun... it's on every Thursday night.)

Blumars weekend workshop.

And the CIS cybercrop.

The first LO for the sketch blog features the cute Sabrina. She is the daughter of my sweet friend Liz. She has been doing so amazing this year!! 3 DT plus she is the head sketchie for the CIS sketch blog!! How totally awesome is that! And to top it of she is a wonderful and very special woman. She and the lovely Jolene have just got themselves a job at a scrapshop in Brisbane. Liz will be doing the Saturday shift and Jolene the weekdays. If you live in Brisbane, go and visit them and tell them I said hi :)
ps. I just received my prize for aussie scrapjack from Bella. I expected a little pack but it is huge!!!! A big pack of PP, flowers, 3 packets of brads, 2 big packets of chip shapes, 3 12 x 12 sheets of chip shapes, 4 sheets of chip tags and words, chip alpha's, pack with ribbons, chip borders.... OMG, how wonderful!!
Guess what I'll be doing this afternoon and weekend... :)
Happy scrapping!

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Fingers crossed...

It seems like we're taking turns in being sick. Ruby started then Chris had a fun night on and near the toilet and now I am not feeling too fantastic. Not as bad as Chris and Ruby but bad enough not wanting to eat (which could be a good thing of course LOL).
No news about mystical yet... Can't wait to hear who the new DT is but am dreading it a bit too as I put a lot of work into it and don't want to be disappointed. But I guess all 10 finalists feel that way, they are all awesome!!

Here are my entries from the last weeks
The first 2 were for the last week. Karen sent us all a small DT pack with 3 flowers, some buttons and 3 sheets of paper so that she could see what we could do with it. This is what I did with it.

The week before we had to "design" a cybercrop. Think of a theme, set the 3 LO and 1 card challenges and make examples for all of them. We can't reveal the theme yet just in case we get chosen and get the chance to do the CC. Here are my entries for the CC.

We also had the opportunity to design an OTP class. All I can say is here is a sneak peek... LOL
Last weekend I took part in the CC at scrapboutique. I only managed to do the speedscrap but fortunately it worked out well and the other girls liked it too so I won with it, woohoo.
I almost forgot. I submitted a LO for Aussie Scrapjack the other month where we had to jack a LO from Nic Howard. I love Nic, so really enjoyed this challenge and woohoo, I am one of the winners :). You can find the LO somewhere if you scroll down, it's Lucy at the boot havind fun.
Speaking of the boot... my DH had to wear a special boot (we thought that was quite funny) the last 2 weeks. Now he is just wearing shoes again with an insert and has to do exercises everyday. He says it's quite painfull and his leg still has a long way to go. But he'll get there, thanks for the well wishes!!
Of course I have been making some more LO's for the CIS stylish sketch blog. This is the entry for this week. It's a sketch by Krissy. This sketch is also the sketch comp for this month. Not only can you win a gorgeous prize but you'll also have the chance to be a Guest Design Team member for a month. So give it a go.

This Lo was for the sketch blog last week. It's an older pic of Ruby. She just loves sand, can play in it for hours, especially if there is water involved as well. So cute!!

Suppose that's it for now.. will let you know if I hear something about the Mystical Competition... keep your fingers crossed for me!!!!!
Happy scrapping :)