Thursday, 23 October 2008

snakes and birthdays :)

Lucy and I swapped birthdays this year. I had my party on hers and she on mine. We did it this year as I turned 40 (yeah yeah...ancient I know hehe) so I had a party for my birthday after years of not really having a party.

But first Lucy her birthday.
Lucy had a bit of a party at day care on Monday. We brought an ice cream cake in and they got Ruby in the group when they sang happy birthday to Lucy. Lucy her teacher took some piccies for me:)

My little darling turned 3 this year!! What happened to my little baby girl?? She was a little upset that my "birthday" was before hers but we still gave her some pressies in the morning. So on her party day she unpacked the rest of her pressies. The biggest pressie she got was a little kitchen. She always loves playing with them at other people's houses and it was half prize! She loved it! After taking Chris to school and some preparing for her party the little miss had her first ever swimming lesson together with Ruby. They were the only 2 kids in the group (so cool). The teacher was in the water with them and did all fun water things with them. Both girls had a lovely time!
We then headed back home to ice the cupcakes (they had to be pink of course) and we started cooking the lunch.

Great timing, the lunch was all done when the kiddies came over. They all had fun eating a yummy lunch, playing some games and a doing treasure hunt.
I was so surprised with Ruby as she normally is "the following" kind of girl but during the party she organised all the kids playing the games she wanted and they all just did what she wanted. So nice to see another side of her!

Do you see the tags on Lucy her dress? She got the dress from one of her friends and I can already tell that it's going to be her favourite dress. It's pink and she can twirl in it, that's all the things a dress has to be (for her anyway lol). She tried the dress on and didn't take it off for 2 days in a row...
In the evening we had a nice roast dinner at home with some friends of ours with their kiddies so we had a nice fun day!
My party was on Saturday and I had such a lovely time! In the morning Allan and the kids gave me their presents. What can I say, my Allan really outdid himself!! He scanned some older photo's of me that were taken when I was around 18 / 20 years old. A dear friend of mine was a photographer and took pictured of me on a regular basis. They mean even more now because he died at away too young! Anyway, Allan scanned 4 pictures (one was with my mum), photo shopped them (he had never ever done that before) and them got them printed and framed. Wow, such a cool present!! He also gave me a new scanner/printer that I love and helped Chris to get me a new phone and the girls gave me some yum choccies!!
Later on in the morning Anita and I went to a style thingie in the mall, then Michelle came as well and they treated me to a pedicure and a lunch. What a lovely start to a birthday!!
We invited friends, family, some colleagues and neighbours to my party and it was a lovely mix of people! I was so spoiled!! Lovely flowers, vouchers, candles (and gorgeous holder) a pandora necklace with a bead and a star. My dear friend Lucrecia and I had been cooking a few days in advance all this lovely Sri Lankan food. Every one loved it!! Yay!! It was just a lovely relaxing evening! I was so happy that Drew (my stepson) and his girlfriend Melissa came over as well!
Some piccies of the party...

So all in all the parties were lovely!
I also had my first wild snake encounter last week. I went for a walk around the lake and when i came back on the concrete path again I heard some rustling behind me... about 50 cm behind me this brown snake crossed the footpath. I always thought that I would totally freak out the moment I'd meet my first "wild" snake. but I was more intrigued than anything. That he wasn't worried about me probably helped a lot though! I'm not sure if I was just extremely lucky to not have been 1 second slower or that he was waiting for me to walk past him before he crossed the path! Anyway... it was interesting :)
Because of all this partying i haven't done much scrapping. I have done a LO for ScrapBoutique but am not able to show that just yet.
Speaking of ScrapBoutique. The kits for the santa workshops are almost sold out!!! Wow, they are selling like hotcakes. If you are lucky you might be able to get one but if not you can get access to the workshops for only $25 dollars and use your own supplies! It's going to be loads of fun!!
This weekend Chels is going away to Melbourne so Kate, Liz and I have the boutique to ourselves!! We would love all of you to come and join us for our "when the cats is away" cybercrop!! We've got some great challenges, games and and prizes to give away!! Hope you'll come and join us!!
Here are my 2 LO's for this and last weeks sketch at the stylish sketch blog.

Hope to see you at the Boutique this weekend!!
Happy scrapping :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Manon, hope your day was wonderful.

Your birthday pics are great! Looks like a lot of fun, and love the scrap pages too

Chris Millar said...

Happy belated birthday Manon!! It really sounds like you and Lucy had terrific parties!! And how thoughtful of your husband!! Big brownie points for him! Love your creations - you do such beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

Lieve Manon,

Wat een leuke verhalen en mooie foto's het ziet er heel mooi uit vooral de mooie gedekte tafels heel smaakvol en het eten was vast ook erg lekker.Ik ben heel benieuwd naar de foto,s die Allan jou heeft gegeven,wat een leuk idee.

Liefs mama

KimmyS said...

Well happy birthday! I LOVED the idea of you and Lucy swapping birthdays, how fun is that? And your hubby is certainly a keepper, girl. What fabulous presents and such a fun party.

I ADORE the two layouts, the one at the top is so gorgeously vibrant and the bottom one so scrumptiously subtle. Awesome work as always, Manon

Wendy Smith said...

beautiful birhtday picture, and I am loving your work atm..keep it up

Edleen said...

Beautiful photos! love the layout :)

have a great week!sylingu

M@risk@ said...

Congrats on the birthdays and the pictures tell you all had fun. Nice layouts again and the vibrant colors of nr. 1 are my fav.