Thursday, 31 January 2008


Today my sketch is up at the CIS stylish sketches. Hope all will have a look at it and have a go!!

This is the Lo I created using my own sketch.

It was so cool to see the other DT'ers interpretation of my sketch. They really did an awesome job!!

Another sketch site that I design for is My Sketch World and tomorrow the february sketch should go up. This is my take on the feb sketch.

Lucrecia asked me to make a page for an album that she started. She want all her friends to scrap a page and add a quote. I haven't made the page for the quote yet but I already know which quote I'll use. I'll use a quote of Maya Angelou, "Let nothing dim the light that shines from within". Just love her books and quotes.

Speaking of quotes I've been doing some more pages in my "pieces of life album". I haven't taken any pictures of them so that'll have to wait a little while.

2 weeks ago i cut my hair. It was so very long, I really didn't like it anymore. Allan got a big shock :) At first he thought it was too short but now he's used to it. Chris loved it so that was nice. Ruby took these piccies so I blame her for the piccies :) (mean mummy me!!)

We had a lovely Australia day weekend. Friday night Chris, Michelle and I went to the concert at Parlement House, it was my second time at the concert. Love it, such a great atmosphere!. On Saturday we all went to Stage 88 for the ABC concert. We saw both of the shows and the kids played in the big sandpit, patted the animals etc. Was a great afternoon and we finished the day by going out to dinner with Darrin and Michelle (and all the kiddies). Yummy food.

On sunday Michelle and Darrin invited us over for dinner as Darrin was cooking. All in all a great weekend. Had a great time!!

Today we're just chillin' out at home as tonight I am going to meet up with some friends :)

Hope you all have a go at the sketch.

I'd love to read your comments. I see in the feedjit that people from all over the world are visiting my blog. I'd love to know who it is that is visiting my blog :)

Happy scrapping!!

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Karen Day wants to say...

"Purple Monkey Dishwasher"

CISters Stylish Sketch Design Team

I've got some very cool news! Liz, the CISter Stylish Sketch Blog coordinator, has asked me to become a Design team member!! Woohoo, how cool is that! She sent me a whole lot of sketches to work with so lots of scrappy things for me to do! Check out the site here.

Other exciting scrappy things are that I won twice in the last 2 weeks with my lay outs. First I won (together with Leone) a prize for my sepia LO (if you scroll down you can see it there, it's a pic of Ruby and Lucy holding hands) at the monthly photoshop tutorial / challenge.

The second one was for a LO that I made for one of the CC challenges at CIS.

This one!

This LO was for one of the other challenges at the CC. It was an either / or challenge.

Had a great time at the CC

Last weekend we also had a visit from Drew and his girlfriend melissa. We hadn't seen him for ages so it was lovely to catch up again. The girls were also so excited to see their brother again. So sweet to see. Here's a pic of Drew and the girls that I took this weekend.

The last few days it has been raining here quite a bit, such a lovely cool change. Just meant that Michelle and i couldn't go for our walks anymore. Michelle and I (and sometimes Tracy too) dexcided that we needed to get fitter 9and slimmer) so we are walking a couple of times a week now for about an hour each time. It's really nice to be "moving" again. Hope it will have some effect :)

I bought a tarisota kit last week and I hope it will arive tomorrow. Really looking forward to it, it looked so gorgeous on the piccies!! I'll share as soon as I have used the kit.

I've also made quite a few pages for my "pieces of life" album and my journal just haven't taken any pics yet so that will come in a next post.

My friend Christine (also known as chook) has won an "award for excellence in craftmanship " at Creating keepsakes. My CISter Jolene has won one for photography and my other CISter Kaz has won one for creativity!! What an amazing group of girls hey!! And so well deserved, congrats girls!!

Not much else happening here. Chris is still on holidays, we go swimming with the kids on the weekends, hang out at home, see some friends.

Guess that's it for now.

Happy scrapping!

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Happy new year!!

I hope you all have a fabulous, healthy, happy and creative 2008!!
We spend new years eve with some friends wjho live just around the corner. Was fun. Singing loads of singstar so now Chris and are loving it so much that Al bought us the microphones plus 2 of the games, R&B and pop. So much fun! Ruby likes it too, even though she can't read the lyrics she just hums along and sings the parts she knows.. so cute!!

Jennifer Hall is teaching a month long class called Pieces of life. Every day we receive a quote, page sketch, example and a bonus project. I am totally up to date with the album (yay) but haven't done any of the bonus projects yet.

It's a bit different from what I normally do but it's good to do something different. I am just not used to so much white space.
This is the front of the album plus the first few pages that we've done so far.

At CIS we received some big news! Jolene has sold the shop to Ally (who started Crafty Collages not so long ago). She needed and wanted to spend more time with her family. Ally was part of the CIS community before she started her own shop so now she is back. Ally and Jolene are both lovely people so I'm sure CIS will still be as good as it was with Jolene! I do hope though that Jolene will still be part of the CIS community. She is very inspiring. Have a look at her BLOG here.

At the monthly photo shop challenges we learned how to give a photo a vintage hand tinted look. I so much love how this pic of Lucy has turned out. You can really see her pretty features in it (well at least I think so but I'm biased).

And this is the LO I made with it. It's quite different, I think, from what I normally do. You can't really see it in this pic but I used quite a bit of kindy glits. Nice and glittery!!

Marjolein (A Dutchie in Canada) showed in her BLOG this book that she is making this year with Eliseblaha.
I decided to join them too, this is the front of my album. The first weeks subject is balance. This will be interesting for a libra like me ;)

Through Marjolein i found this Dutch freestyle scrap yahoo group. I joined up because I never see and LO's etc that Dutch people make or talk about any scrappy things with Dutch people. It's just so funny so see that they use exactely the same papers and so that we use here. I should find out if they have a Dutch scrap brand!! Next week they have a COL (crop online.. smae sorta thing as CC here). I can't really do it with them at the same time as it would be the middle of the night for me but I'll be able to drop in in the morning and say hello at the end of their COL. And do the challenge of course.

That's it for now, it's going to be hot today so after the girls have had a big play with their friends (and Lucy a nap) will go to the pool.

Happy scrapping!