Tuesday, 19 February 2008


Hi everyone!!

We've been away to jamberoo for the weekend. Friends of us rented this gorgeous house for the week and invited us to come down for the weekend.
It was so gorgeous! A beautiful, beautiful house with a swimming pool, spa and sauna (we didn't use that one though). The weather was just how I like it, not too hot but warm enough. Lovely company, lovely food and drinks and just a relaxing time. Ruby slept in the same room as Harper and Celeste. Harper is almost 4 and Celeste is the same as Lucy, 2 (they were born only a week apart). The first night it took them quite a long time to fall asleep as they were just having too much fun singing. At one point Ruby was so tired that she went to sleep while her room mates wanted her to stay awake. She must have been so tired as Harper trying to wake her up did not have any effect, LOL.

On the Saturday we went to Kiama to see the "blowhole" and just have a look around. In the evening we had a BBQ and more chats.
On Sunday we just chilled out at the house in the morning and around lunch time we had the car packed up again and went to the "Mirramurra Rainforest". How gorgeous was it there. We saw a water dragon during our walk. I really love going for walks in forests and especially rainforests. Just amazing! Ruby walked all the way and she did great! Lucy was sitting in her stroller and didn't mind sitting in it, phew!! Would have been hard to carry her all the way.

Some impressions of our weekend.

On monday Ruby and Lucy went to day care for the first time. They are going there one day a week now. The loved it so much, Lucy didn't want to come back home, hhmmm well at least they had fun!!

Tis is my entry for the CIS sketch Blog for this week. It was a card sketch but I used it to create this LO about Ruby and Chris being silly at Murramarang.

Last weekend was the monthly CC at CIS. Was so much fun. For challenge 2 you had to do a colour quiz. I ended up being the colour brown.... You had to create a mono chroatic LO with "your" colour. I hardly ever or never use just brown in a LO and it qwas quite a challenge. I do love the result though (and so did the other girls as I won this challenge... thanks girls :)) )

Challenge number 3 was a sketch by Ally. I moved things around a bit and ended up with this LO of me and Ruby. Ruby was only a few weeks ol here. I look so much younger here!!

The last LO is for the sketch challenge that is coming out on Thursday. Hope it will intrigue you enough to have a look at the sketch blog on Thursday and to have a go.

You can still enter the monthly sketch competition at CIS where you can create a LO using my sketch. You've got to be in it to win it!!

Friday, 8 February 2008

Cybercrop and some competitions!!

Tonight is the cybercrop at Crafting in Style. And you know why you have to participate?? Because you're worth it!! It's starts at 7.30 EDST. Hope to see lots of you here.

Remember that sketch that I made and is on the CISters sketch blog?? There are more reasons now to use the sketch as you can win, win, win!! Every month there will be one sketch where you can win a prize with. Just make sure you upload it in the sketch blog competition gallery!!! You can find some more info about it here.
I was so thrilled to see some of you creating a LO with my sketch and adding it to the gallery!! Thank you so much.

School holdiays are over so all is back so normal again. Have got something on for the next 2 months almost every weekend. Fun stuff so that's all good.
Chris is back at school. He really likes the homeroom class he is in. Phew!
I couldn't believe it when I saw that he is in the second best maths class and best science class... wonder where he got that from.. not me that's for sure!

Anyway that's all from me today... back to some more house cleaning :(
Hope to "see" you all tonight.

Happy scrapping!!