Sunday, 27 December 2009


Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. We spent Christmas at my SIL Jan which was lovely. Yummy food and lovely company. The kids were having a great time too. Chris is the only teenager so there is not much for him to do but he was good and just hung out with the littlies and entertained them.
The next day Chris wanted me to take him to the mall as he had been saving up for his present and it was time to buy it, lol. Him having a job has been so good for him. I'm just surprised in a way that he is so good at saving up... doesn't have that from me!!

Chris got his formal photo's the other day. I thought he looked gorgeous in his suit!! He said the party was great! Before they had their dinner and party we joined him for the ceremony. Lucy thought it was pretty fun and sang loudly twinkle twinkle...while every one was getting ready to sit down lol.

So College after the holidays... hope he has enough discipline to do it....

Here are the official piccies from the formal.

Chris and some of his school friends

Chris and his friend Daniel arriving at the formal. They went in his cousins car...

We are going to visit little Sophie next week so I'll share some more piccies and hopefully some LO's about her very very soon!!

Happy Scrapping :)

Sunday, 20 December 2009


On Friday night my stepson Drew and his girlfriend Melissa welcomed into the world their beautiful little gorgeous girl Sophie May. Oh she is so so cute!!!! Allan went up on Saturday morning to welcome his first grand daughter. I stayed home with the kids so Drew, Melissa and Sophie can settle in a bit first. We'll go over very very soon though, I so can't wait to meet the little princess.... so what does that make me??? lol. Anyway, here is the gorgeous little girl...

Grandpa and his grand daughter ;)

The proud daddy and his little girl
I think I'm in love...
Happy scrapping :)

Friday, 18 December 2009

December CC

Tonight we have our monthly CC at ScrapBoutique. I am going to upload my challenge early as we are going to another Christmas dinner. :)

The CC starts at 7.30 pm EDST with Chels her challenge. All the other challenges will be uploaded on Friday night (except the Sunday roast of course). Hope you can join us!!

This is my LO, for the challenge itself you will have to go into the Boutique's forum ;)
It was so cute. Lucy was in my room doing something. I wasn't sure what but grabbed my camera just in case (hey, you know you'd do it too!! ;) ). She was busy cutting and was so concentrated that she didn't notice me. She was making herself a little skirt and used my dst to stick it on her body. Even some cute hemlines were added hehe.
These art boxes were a class I taught at the Chrissy workshops. They were so much fun to make!!
Last picture of today is our Chrissy card. I don't know everyone's address so I will give it to you like this; hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!!!!

Hope to see you this weekend at the Boutique!

Happy Scrapping :)

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Month of December

Are you doing a December daily album this year?? I have done one for the last 2 years and am doing one again this year. This year I am doing a digi one though. Just because this time of the month is quite hectic and I probably wouldn't get it all done and would not be happy about it. I do feel a bit like I'm cheating though doing it digi. I am using the templates from Katie Pertiet. It's so easy to do... If only I would not forget to take photo's from all the fun moments... Last night Lucrecia and I went to Wrapped in Paper for their annual Christmas party which was great fun (*Waving* Hi Renee, so lovely to have met you!!) followed by having our favourite dinner of roast duck. I did have my little camera with me but totally forgot to take any photo's!! AArrgghh lol. Oh well, it's ok. I'll just have to write about those moments.

Last Saturday it was the first time in a long long time that Allan and I went out together. We went to a party from one of his old school friends and it was lovely to do something fun together. Next week we'll do it again, going to a Christmas dinner for my work. Hhmm.. I might get used to this :)

No LO's to show today as they are for the boutique. Am working on a cute little mini album atm, very nice :)

I'll show you a few of my digi pages though. Nothing fancy, but fun to do nevertheless!

Happy Scrapping :)

Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Wow December already... not much longer till Christmas. Tomorrow at work we are going to have a gift making day, should be good :) Really need to get a bit more in the Christmas mood I reckon... not much there yet.

My friend Donna came over with her gorgeous 2 girls on Sunday. It was raining outside so all we did was eat, drink cuppa's and chat, perfect :) The girls had a lovely time playing together, so nice to see them having fun!! She also brought me a big box of Cherries (she lives near Young) oh my... they are so so gorgeous!!

This month at ScrapBoutique I am giving everyone the monthly Challenge. My challenge is to scrap your new years resolution. I am going to hang mine in my room so I won't forget!!!

Every month the stylist all get a sheet of the same paper and we all do something with it. This month we all got a sheet of Cosmo Cricket Cherry Pie (oh I love CC ) and this is what I did with it. Lucy just loves little misty. She is so cute and sweet. Even sleeps in their arms... awwwww

Hope you all will have a go at the lovely challenges at ScrapBoutique this month!!!

Happy Scrapping :)

Monday, 23 November 2009

Online scrapping

I think it's so nice this online scrapping community. You meet lots of lovely people, get inspired by all the gorgeous work and learn different techniques. It's even better when you get to meet the online friends IRL. Last night I met my fellow Stylist at ScrapBoutique Emma. It was so lovely. She and her hubby came over for dinner and she did the Sunday Roast from our place. She was as lovely IRL as she came across online. I'm sure we'll catch up again next time she is back in Canberra or when we go to the Gold Coast to visit Megan.

Earlier this year I met the gorgeous bosslady Chels and our guest Stylist Amanda who were both lovely. Now, I still haven't met Lizee. Lizee and I have been online friends for quite a while but have never met. I would really love to meet her!! One day I'm sure :)

Luckily some of the scrappy girls live closer by. I met Donna at the retreat earlier this year and she has been over for a visit. Soon she'll come again, woohoo!! Of course I have my other gorgeous (scrappy) friends here too. And I love spending time with them.

I wonder, would a retreat here in or near Canberra be a good idea??


This weekend was the CC at ScrapBoutique. On Friday night we did the speed scrap with Chels and this is my LO.

I set a colour challenge this month. This is my example.

Chels send me some lovely Pink Paislee Chrissy paper and i used that to make this LO. The photo is a few years old but I quite like having a look through older photo's and using one of them to scrap. This one is from 2006.

I taught my Chrissy album last week at ScrapBoutique. I also used my 2006 Chrissy photo's for that as i didn't scrap much then and had no Chrissy work from that year.

Of course I'm going to do a Chrissy daily again this year but I thought I would make it a digi one this time round. Just to make it a bit easier in the hectic month.

I am also trying to do Jessica Sprague's Holidays in Hand classes. She is a fabulous teacher and always has wonderful ideas. It's a free one so join in if you like!!!

That's it for now. Some girls tagged me so I'll do another post rally soon!!!

Happy Scrapping :)

Thursday, 5 November 2009

New additions

We have 2 super cute sweet little additions to our family.
Let me introduce you to.................................

Lexi and Misti... aaawwwwwww

We've only had them for 5 hours now but all of us are smitten *sigh*
Happy scrapping :)

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Well, hello gorgeous weather hey!! We are going from barely 14 degrees to 30+ degrees weather, nice :)

The girls are loving it so much. having fun with their tiny little pool outside! I've been enjoying the lovely weather too and have been going for walks almost everyday. Need to get a bit fitter I reckon.

Look at those chickies, love those "real" laughs, gorgeous!!
I find it a bit hard to take nice piccies in the bright sunlight. Really would love to do a great photography course around Canberra.... you know of any???

Chris and I have been out shopping this afternoon for a suit for him to wear to hs formal. He looked gorgeous, far out. A suit really does make a big difference hey!! Such a weird idea that his formal is happening already. Only a few more weeks...
Anyway... the stylists at Scrapboutique are busy organising the Santa workshops that are going to happen very soon. It's not too late to get your kit or access to the workshops!! It's going to be so much fun!!!

This month it is my turn to set the Sketch / stash stomper challenge at ScrapBoutique. This is my sketch.....

And this is the LO I created with it. The stash for this month is... glimmer mist (or if you don't have that, diluted paint, ink etc.) Can't wait to see what every one come up with :)

I also used some gorgeous Scenic route "Sonoma" to create this LO with. If you purchase some of this paper in the boutique you can get the step by step for this LO added to your order for free! Pretty cool huh??

OK, that's it for now, thanks for stopping by!!

Happy Scrapping :)

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Another year

It was my birthday a week ago. I had to work and thought that nobody would really realise it was my birthday. I even thought that they would forget at home, lol. No such thing though. Allan hadn't forgotten and neither had the kiddies so lots of kisses and cuddles and a few pressies for me in the morning. At work everyone seemed to know as well which was very lovely. All the members at work wished me happy birthday, sang twice for me, got me flowers and signed a card. Very touching!!! Really made me feel good. :D

I was a bit sad as my mum had gone back to Holland and I missed her but all the attention did wonders.

I share my birthday with a few people. My mum her partners has his birthday on the same day as me and my dad's wife has her birthday the day before mine. Also Tamar (the girl from the gorgeous Tarisota kits) shares her birthday day with me. Nice to share hey!

I wanted to make a lazy day skirt with Mel Goodsell last week as well but everything was a bit hectic so I didn't get around to doing it last week BUT I made up for it yesterday and made 2, one for each of the girls. I only have a piccie of Lucy in her skirt so far. I was really happy making them. I'm not a very good sewer BUT I do find I am loving making some clothes for my girls. Makes me happy seeing them wear something I have made for them.
Here is Lucy with her skirt... she wasn't really keen on me taking her picie as you can tell lol.

On the weekend I spent Saturday at ACTSA for a full day get together. Always so nice to have a full day of time to scrap and just do my own thing. I love it. Soon Sunday it was Allan his turn for some time to himself. I took the girls out to a birthday party for one of their little friends. It was held at a farmyard nursery. Very nice! They got to sit down and pat a bunny, feed a kid and lamb with a bottle, watch them feed the bull (Ruby didn't like the "slobber" hehe) and brush a little pony. They had a lovely time out!
In the afternoon we visited another one of their friends and they had a great time playing together. Anyway, here are the girls on a tractor.

Scrapping wise... I have been working on an album about my mum her visit. It will be for the girls so they can look at all the piccies and remember all the fun things they did with her this visit.

On the weekend we had our monthly cybercrop at Scrapboutique. I did my Sunday roast on Sunday. But it was a roast with a twist.... if you still want to participate... go and have a look here, the "projects" are due 3 November so you still have a while to work on it ;)

This is my example for Emma's sketch. Love the concentration on their faces.

I wanted to say a big thank you to all you lovely girls leaving me such lovely comments after the shortlist for Scrapbooking memories was published!! Really means a lot, mwah!!!

Happy Scrapping :)

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Zoe Pearns

Oooooohhhhh look what's happening at the boutique very very soon!!!

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Baby girl

Today it's my baby girl her 4th birthday!!!

Lucy, happy birthday little sweetheart, you are such a happy, bubbly, funny, smart and delightful girl, you have given us so much joy in the last 4 years!! I'm so proud to be your mummy and you will always be my baby girl :)

Wednesday, 14 October 2009


I just can't believe it!!! I am in shock... WHAT THE?????????????????????????

Yours truly is shortlisted for the Scrapbooking Memories masters this year.... OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell I'm in total shock????? Far out!!!!!!

And the best part is that some of my gorgeous (scrapping) friends are shortlisted too!!!!!
So congratulations to Christine, Krissy, Kerryn and all the other gorgeous girls!!!! WOOHOOOOO!!!

My mum is leaving again on Monday, so will be back after that with a bit bigger update.... Here's a LO about her and the chickies...

Wooohoo, doing the happy dance :)

Happy Scrapping :)

Thursday, 1 October 2009

October 123 challenge

A new month, a new challenge at 123 challenge!! It is a fun one this month. Well, I enjoyed it anyway!!

The criteria this month are.......

1. Use 5 different patterned papers ~ Paula Perry
2. Use 1 colour and 1 black and white photo ~ Jodie Armitage
3. Lots of tearing and crumpling ~ Tam Partridge

Send your LO to: by October 31st.

If you have any good ideas for criteria for next month please let the girls know as well.

Here is my example... it has quite a bit of bling bling on it but the photo doesn't really show it :(

Happy scrapping :)

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Sweet sixteen

My little boy is turning 16 today...OMG... what happened to my little cute boy!!!

He'll have his L's soon (for non aussies... it means that you can start to learn how to drive aarrgghh), will go to college soon and is taller than me now... and he's also getting a beard *shock*. One thing has stayed the same though. He's still gorgeous, sweet, funny, silly and a great son to me. So happy birthday to my gorgeous big boy!!! Mwah.

Monday, 28 September 2009

hhmmmm bit absent??

Hi :) I've been a bit MIA... but have a good reason for that. My lovely mum is visiting us for a month. It's her birthday today as well so happy birthday to my mum!! Can you tell that the girls just adore her??

We've done some of our usual "mum visiting" outings as going to "Floriade" (but we want to go again, it was so lovely), going to the botanic gardens today (we are going again hehe) and a few walks (as she luuurves her walks).
The girls just adore having her around, she plays with the lots and gives them loads of attention so they are very happy!!

I haven't scrapped a lot as we've been doing other things but I did a few LO's before she arrived. here they are :)

My gorgeous boy and me :) I really love these colours together, never really use them together much but am sure I will do it again.

This one was for a challenge to make a bright LO... think it's bright enough???

My roast for the September cybercrop at ScrapBoutique.

A LO showcasing the sass lass monstrosities papers for ScrapBoutique. I really loved working with these papers, again not my usual paper choice but i really enjoyed it and really love the outcome :) My apologies for the silly pic, but gotta keep it real hey, these two are so close, it's very cute (at times) but they can be little monsters as well hehe.

Speaking of Scrapboutique... we have a lovely new stylist, Emma Stafrace joining us and we also have the lovely Amanda joining us as our fabulous guest stylist for the next three months. Go and check them out!!!
I'll be back again tomorrow to celebrate someone else his birthday :)
Happy scrapping :)

Thursday, 17 September 2009

ScrapBoutique "Changes" CC

This weekend we have our monthly cybercrop at ScrapBoutique. This month our theme is changes. There will be a few challenges uploaded on Friday night, the bingo plus the roast (both with me) will be on Saturday night. I hope you can come and join us!!!!!

Normally the roast is on a Sunday but I "changed" it this month as my mum will be here on Sunday, woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So no time to do a roast then :)

See you all on the weekend at ScrapBoutique!!

I'll leave you with a LO that I did on the weekend when the lovely Donna was staying here with us.

Happy Scrapping :)

Monday, 7 September 2009

One LO share

Now that I'm not on the dt for CIS am anymore I have free time to scrap just for me. I do like challenges though so I did one for a challenge at Scrapbook 'n bits. This is it...

Yes... I know... another LO with Chris in it. I think I go through fases of scrapping certain people. i really needed to do some more Chris LO's so it;'s all good. I really have to make some mini albums about Lucy her birthdays too. I've made quite a few bout Ruby but not about Lucy, how's that, bad mummy!!

I think I need to get of this computer more often and scrap or do other crafts (no not cleaning etc ;) ) more.

I signed up for the Suzi Blu class. Drawing and painting "Petits" Suzi style, very cool. I had a look at some of the other participants blogs and wow, they are so amazing!!! I think some people are not really beginners as such (like I am...), maybe just beginners at Suzi her style. But it's good, I can only learn from them so that's nice.

Did you all have a nice fathers day? We didn't do much. Just hang at home, did some major pruning in the garden as it was fabulous weather and I took the kids for a play at Chris his work for a while. They had fun playing and I had fun drawing. One little girl came up to my table and asked me what I was doing, I showed her my drawing and she wanted to join in, so cute lol.

Might do some more craft this afternoon as the lovely sunny days have disappeared and we have some rain today. Don't mind it though, just means we get to enjoy the "green" a bit longer before summer starts.

Happy scrapping :)

Wednesday, 2 September 2009


Remember I mentioned that I bought 2 gorgeous prints from kelly Rae Roberts?? Well, they arrived and are gorgeous. The one for the girls is already up in their room, right next to their bed and mine is sitting on my desk. I want to have the perfect spot for it. I really love the look of mixed media so thought I'd give it a go too... but that was as far as I got... thinking about it.

Then Ruby wanted to do some craft so I decided to have a special little project with her on Tuesdays. Last weeks Tuesday we cut out paper and glued them with gel medium on a canvas, this Tuesday we added some paint. (Next Tuesday we'll start with our girl or animal... we're not sure yet). All good, nice and fun.

Then I ordered Kelly Rae her book "Taking Flight" and started reading it. Love it!! So last night I started on a little canvas for myself and today I finished it. That was fun!! I also came across Suzi Blu her website last night and she has a course on (starting tomorrow) drawing girls. Now, is this all a coincidence?? I think not ;) Woohoo, this is good fun. I am going to sign up and learn how to make pretty and cute girls for on canvasses. I know I have heaps and heaps to learn, but it's a start right?

Anyway, just wanted to share my first girl with you :)

Happy scrapping (and painting or whatever you do) :)

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

September 123

Welcome to spring, woohoo. I love spring. Love all the flowers, warmer temperatures, the green Canberra instead of the summery brown one. We have lots of birthdays in spring too so it's a great time of year. Am looking forward to Floriade again, perfect for some nice photo's and am also very much looking forward to the Handmade market which will be in the wool shed in Yarralumla on the 11th (evening) and 12th (day) of September.

Anyway, back to scrapping ;)

This months criteria for the 123 challenge are.....

1. Book paper

2. The word - SMILE - on your page

3. Include a "non-scrappy" item

Here is my example using the gorgeous WeR Memory Keepers Teen Angst papers

I just love his gorgeous smile :)

My sketch for this month is up at ScrapBoutique too. I based it on this LO. I know a bit slack, but I have a cold and didn't have my normal amount of energy.

Hope you will give the challenges a go!!! I am looking forward to admire your interpretations.

Happy scrapping :)

Monday, 31 August 2009

Last day of August

Wow, this month has flown by hasn't it. Less than 3 weeks and my mum will be here, woohoo!!!
In 2006 my mum and I spend a few days in Melbourne. I never really documented it but as Chels send me some of the gorgeous Octber Afternoon traveler range I had the perfect papers to make a little album about our trip. I'm very happy with how it turned out. Not too fussy and bulky but quite simple and nice. Don't get me wrong, I love bulky and busy mini albums but this is nice too, for a change :) Here is a page from the album. Chels might put the rest in the newsletter or on the shops website.
Speaking of ScrapBoutique... have you applied yet to be on our fabulous design team??? We are so excited to add another stylist to our team!! I love it so much there and would love it if one of you girls (or boys??) would come and join us :)

I finished the little dress I was making for Lucy. It's not a fancy dress or something really difficult but as it is my first little girls dress I'm very happy with it. I finished it last Thursday together with Lucy. She was helping me sometimes a little too enthusiastic lol. I was taking out the pins from an area that I just sewn and she thought she could help me to by taking out all the other pins as well, oops haha. She made me very happy by putting it on straight away and not wanting to take it off for 2 days in a row, good girl hey;)

Now I have a quilt to make. Am a little nervous about it but my friend Krissy (hey did you see this gorgeous chickie featured in Scrapbooking memories this month!!!) her mum is going to help me through cyberspace. She's already given me some great tips so let's see how we go hey!! Oh by the way, Krissy has some gorgeous flowers for sale on her site!! I already ordered some for myself.

It's going to be a busy week in the evenings this week, taking Chris to his work meeting, going to the info evening for kindy for Ruby and the day after to the info evening for college for Chris. I will have all my children in 3 different kind of schools next year!! The youngest in pre school and the eldest in college. A big difference. A lot of people are often surprised by the age gap (understandable though) but I find the age gap quite nice. Chris is very good with his sisters most of the time and they adore him. I also like being able to do big kids stuff with him and little girls stuff with the girls. Keeps me thoroughly entertained. I think Chris likes it (most of the times) as well. He does need his own space as well of course so I try to make sure the girls give him that space when he needs it.

Friends of the girls usually love having him around as well. He's great at being silly with them haha. On the weekend we had some friends over. I hadn't seen my friend and her kiddies for too long so it was very nice to catch up again!! Hopefully we can do it again very soon :)

I'll be back tomorrow with my LO for this months 123 challenge.. some very interesting criteria for September ;)

Happy scrapping :)