Monday, 6 April 2009


I had never been to a ball in my life. Wasn't sure what to wear, what it would be like etc. I always imagined a ball as something that was held at a castle, with the ladies wearing these enormous ball gowns... So when we got the invitation to go to a ball from my work I was a bit worried!! Really, where would I ever find a ball gown and how much would it cost me!!!
"Luckily" the dress code was cocktail dresses. Now for people in Australia it might be a term that they can work with. For me... not so much. I went out shopping and tried out these shiny cocktail dresses. Well let's put it this way, strappy dresses do not look nice on me, at all!! They look lovely on the mannequins and lots of other people but not on me. I ended up buying a black dress at target and bought a nice shawl at a little shop at Gold Creek. Cocktail enough for me :) So here we are, Allan and me, ready to go to the ball. Of course Lucy wanted to have her picture taken with me as well. Gotta love that little chickie, she loves getting her picture taken at the moment. Chris took the photo's. I think he did a fantastic job!!!
Anyway, the ball was fantastic. Delicious food, a bit of a dance and nice company. So it was a good night for us. We hardly ever go out together so it was special for us.
I had to do the monthly sketch and stash stomper at ScrapBoutique so I made a sketch and chose ribbon as the stash stomper part. This is the LO I created with it.
The new sketch at A Page From My Sketchbook is out, go and check it out!! And create something gorgeous with it!!!
Been busy with some other scrappy things which I can't show yet, soon hopefully though :)
I'll update again after our holiday to the Bay :)
Happy Scrapping :)


Chris Millar said...

Hi Manon! You look amazing all ready to go out to the ball!! I know what you're saying about dresses. I would love to wear them if my figure would allow it!!LOL
This layout is absolutely gorgeous! Have a super week!

Edleen said...

you look Fabulous, both of you! it must have been such a ball ;) hehe...

love that layout, so Beautiful!

enjoy the new week :)

Kerryn said...

You look fabulous Manon! Love the layout you created from the photos too, gorgeous!

Aga said...

Hi Manon, and thanks for the blog visit :) it's my first time to yours too although I have seen your gorgeous work around - and love it!! Aga xx
Btw. sounds like you had a great time at the ball - you look lovely!

Nicole said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and the birthday wishes. Love your work, such a beautiful use of colours


Liz Weber said...

Looking Good Manon - love that layout so much.

Happy Easter and have a wonderful holiday!

Christine said...

Wow! You look fantastic! That shawl is so pretty and Chris did a wonderful job with the photos. I LOVE your LO, it's gorgeous!