Sunday, 14 June 2009

123 Blog Party!!!

Have you ever tried to do the monthly challenge at 123 challenge??

I have, they are great fun. I was very lucky and won a prize with my LO last month, woohoo ;)

This Lo is my LO for this month. The criteria were to use 1. Fabric, 2. Buttons and 3. hand stitching. I used some strips of fabric, some buttons in the flower and I stitched some cross stitches. I took the piccies the other day in the park. Lucy usually loves to pose for the camera BUT she loves even more to be silly and funny in front of the camera... I think she's totally cute!!!

"Have you checked out the 123 Party Blog??? There are 12 Websites donating.... with LOADS of prizes up for grabs.... and only ONE criteria to be eligible to join in.... to complete the June 123 Challenge by the last day of June!
SO BE THERE - Monday June 15th!!!
Complete the June 123 Challenge before the 123 Blog Party for a chance to win a $15 Store Voucher - one person who has created a layout with be randomly drawn!"

Hope to see you there :)

Happy scrapping!!


Kerryn said...

YAY congrats on the win :). LOVE your current 123 layout.

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