Wednesday, 1 July 2009

8 things

Hi :)

My friends Krissy and Christine tagged me to answer 8 things....

Here we go...

Q1. What are 8 things you look forward to:

1. The scrap boutique retreat at Noonaweena this weekend!!! I'll be going there with Lucrecia and Chook :)
2. Ruby her dancing "concert" at school this Friday
3. Going for nice walks on the mountain.
4. My dinner cooked by Allan on a Wednesday night.
5. A cuppa tea in bed... tastes so much better ;)
6. My mum coming in 3 months time.
7. Going out for Lunch with Lucrecia.
8. Reading my books before going to sleep.

Q2. What were 8 things you did yesterday:
1. Washing.
2. Took Lucy to daycare
3. Had a haircut.
4. Went to the park with Ruby
5. Scrapbooking.
6. Made some challenges for the retreat.
7. Applied for the 123 challenge blog creative team..
8. Had a chat with Laura.

Q3. What are the 8 things you wish you could do:
1. See my family and friends in Holland
2. Have financial freedom.
3. Have my own scrapbooking room.
4. Have a big vegie garden and fruit trees and flowers.
5. Travel.
6. Cook whatever meals I like and have everyone enjoy them.
7. Hang out with friends more often.
8. Live close to the ocean.

Q4. Name 8 things or shows you've watched lately:
1. Packed to the rafters
2. Grey's Anatomy
3. Home and away (yes I confess).
4. Girls swimming.
5. Dora
6. Masterchef
7. All Saints
8. A tutorial about Charleston dancing on you tube.

I tag Laura, Karen, Liz, Chimene, Kate T, Kate M, Donna, Edleen.

This LO is one I did for the roast at Scrap boutique the other day. It is Ruby and her friend ;)

I'll be of to Kulnurra on the weekend with Christine and Lucrecia. So much looking forward to it but also a little nervous. I'll update after the weekend. Have a lovely weekend everyone.
Happy scrapping :)


Felicity said...

loved reading your 8 things!!
Gorgeous Lo too!!
You will have a fabo time at the retreat, wish I was there too :(
Have a top weekend

KarenB said...

Thanks for the tag Manon :) Krissy tagged me too, LOL! My 8 things are

You'll have the best time at the retreat, wish I could go too :) Say hi to everyone for me xx

Edleen said...

hi Manon! your 8 things list :) and i'm sure you're really looking forward to the retreat! how fun :)

and i've been tagged! Thanks, this'll be fun :)

have a wonderful week *hugs*

Kerryn said...

Gorgeous layout!

Have a fab time at the retreat :).

kate said...

LOL manon what are you nervous about mate? LOL. we will love you just as much in real life as we do online :) best wishes for your application to 123 :) xox

p.s. see you tomorrow!! yay!

iris said...

you have a beautiful style in your scrapbooking! Congratulations on your recent publication!

Liz Weber said...

Have a wonderful and safe trip Manon! You will have a wonderful time!

Krissy C said...

Hope you have an awesome time at the retreat Manon!!Wish I was there :(

Cant wait to see all your gorgeous creations when you get back :D

Krissy xx