Monday, 24 August 2009

Scrap room

I haven't totally finished with my room yet but thought I'd post some piccies before it gets too messy again lol. There;s already baking paper on the desk that I used for a pattern for a little dress for Lucy so, sorry about that lol.

Today I spend a little bit of time creating in my new space. I made a LO fro ScrapBoutique's Cybercrop. One about Lucy being (almost 4. She's such a funny cheeky girl!! Love her :) She told me to let every one know that apples are not her favourite fruit even though they feature on the LO lol. She was very lucky today that blue berries were on special today. One of her favourite fruits!! I always have to make sure I get a few before she devoured the whole punnet, she's just crazy about them.

Luc and I had a lovely time at the Stitches and craft fair in Sydney. It was much bigger than the fair we went to late last year. It was in the same building but now there was so much more. Didn't buy many scrappy things as Chels sells them all for a much better prize BUT did get a lovely babushka set for the girls, some lovely material for some dresses for the girls and some nice smelling soaps. Oh, I won a dark room door stamp set while we were on the bus, woohoo!!! I'm actually looking for an online place that sells gorgeous material, let me know if you know of any!!
Happy scrapping :)


Krissy C said...

The new scrap room looks fandabbydosey lovey!!

hehe thats so cute about Lucy wanting to make sure everyone knows apples arent her favourite lol she is such a cutie :)Love the LO :D

I dont know of any fabric shops online but if I find any I'll let you know :)

Krissy xx

Kerryn said...

Nice scrap space!!!

LOL love the layout, she's a cutie!

Stacey Young said...

Hi Manon, Awesome scrap room!! Great storage space, I have one like that too, LUV the couch aswell!!! Super cute LO too!!!

Tiff Sawyer said...

Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow, a lounge in your scrap room you lucky duck! So you can have a quick nap and then keep on going LOL. I love seeing scrap spaces, thanks for sharing Manon, Tiff :o)

Donna said...

Looks gorgeous manon. :) Love the touches of red, the expedit (sp) & the hanging shelf, very cool!!! Lots of room, spacious & plenty of desk room for "little crafters". I have got a yearning for sewing too lately. I will send you some links where I have recently purchased fabric. Enjoy your new room.
How did the girls bright walls turn out, lol!!??
Are there any more craft shows in Canberra or Sydney before the end of the year??

Felicity said...

great new scrap space!!!
Love that LO.
Hope you find an online fabric shop.

Lana said...

Congrats on the new scrappy space! Looks fab!

Love how you've used those Me Likey papers too!

Edleen said...

can i come and scrap with you sometime? hehe... your room looks great!

hope you'll have a fabulous week :)

Leah said...

It looks totally fabulous, Manon!! What a cool space you have - complete with a sofa!!

PS I found a great fabric store online just the other day, but do you think I can find it again??? Here's one with similar fabrics though.
If I find the other one again, I'll let you know!

Leah said...

Okay, here's the other one I was talking about... Calico and Ivy.

Ali said...

Woo hoo Manon your room looks awesome! I'm sure being in it will fill you with creative energy :)

BTW I'm still sad that you're leaving CIS but I guess I'll just have to visit here to see all your lovely scrappiness!


Laura said...

Your new scrap room looks fantastic!!!
Love that bright and fun layout!!!

kate said...

love your room manon!!! beautiful!!! xox