Wednesday, 2 September 2009


Remember I mentioned that I bought 2 gorgeous prints from kelly Rae Roberts?? Well, they arrived and are gorgeous. The one for the girls is already up in their room, right next to their bed and mine is sitting on my desk. I want to have the perfect spot for it. I really love the look of mixed media so thought I'd give it a go too... but that was as far as I got... thinking about it.

Then Ruby wanted to do some craft so I decided to have a special little project with her on Tuesdays. Last weeks Tuesday we cut out paper and glued them with gel medium on a canvas, this Tuesday we added some paint. (Next Tuesday we'll start with our girl or animal... we're not sure yet). All good, nice and fun.

Then I ordered Kelly Rae her book "Taking Flight" and started reading it. Love it!! So last night I started on a little canvas for myself and today I finished it. That was fun!! I also came across Suzi Blu her website last night and she has a course on (starting tomorrow) drawing girls. Now, is this all a coincidence?? I think not ;) Woohoo, this is good fun. I am going to sign up and learn how to make pretty and cute girls for on canvasses. I know I have heaps and heaps to learn, but it's a start right?

Anyway, just wanted to share my first girl with you :)

Happy scrapping (and painting or whatever you do) :)


Krissy C said...

Wow Manon!Your girl is fandabbydosey!!Love it :D

That course sounds fab!

Krissy xx

Kerryn said...

You clever girl, it looks awesome!

Stacey Young said...

Hi Manon, your girl looks gorgeous! Great work and just love the colours!

kate said...

ph just love it manon!! you are very creative :) glad to hear you enjoyed doing it :)

Ali said...

You clever chickie - your girl is cool and I love your first little girl dress - very pretty! I can't believe how big and handsome Chris is now - fab LO of him. Hope you feel better soon. Ax

Edleen said...

she's Lovely!!! really awesome Manon :)

have a fab week!
Happy September :)

Anonymous said...

That's great Manon! I can't wait to see the one you've been working on with Ruby.

Liz Weber said...

This is just amazing Manon - you sure are very creative. So glad you are enjoying the painting and canvas work on your own and with your sweet girl. I can't wait to see more!

ManonPopjes said...

I love your girl Manon! We don't just have our name in common. When I was reading your blog I felt I was reading about myself. I also love Kelly Rae Roberts, bought the book and then ended up doing the petite beginners class with SuziBlu. Isn't it a weird world?

Terri said...

Lovley work! I love that quote too!
Looks like I will be seeing you over at Le Petite Academy? I just finished Le Petite Dolls and now I am all excited about Petite Marie.