Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Another year

It was my birthday a week ago. I had to work and thought that nobody would really realise it was my birthday. I even thought that they would forget at home, lol. No such thing though. Allan hadn't forgotten and neither had the kiddies so lots of kisses and cuddles and a few pressies for me in the morning. At work everyone seemed to know as well which was very lovely. All the members at work wished me happy birthday, sang twice for me, got me flowers and signed a card. Very touching!!! Really made me feel good. :D

I was a bit sad as my mum had gone back to Holland and I missed her but all the attention did wonders.

I share my birthday with a few people. My mum her partners has his birthday on the same day as me and my dad's wife has her birthday the day before mine. Also Tamar (the girl from the gorgeous Tarisota kits) shares her birthday day with me. Nice to share hey!

I wanted to make a lazy day skirt with Mel Goodsell last week as well but everything was a bit hectic so I didn't get around to doing it last week BUT I made up for it yesterday and made 2, one for each of the girls. I only have a piccie of Lucy in her skirt so far. I was really happy making them. I'm not a very good sewer BUT I do find I am loving making some clothes for my girls. Makes me happy seeing them wear something I have made for them.
Here is Lucy with her skirt... she wasn't really keen on me taking her picie as you can tell lol.

On the weekend I spent Saturday at ACTSA for a full day get together. Always so nice to have a full day of time to scrap and just do my own thing. I love it. Soon Sunday it was Allan his turn for some time to himself. I took the girls out to a birthday party for one of their little friends. It was held at a farmyard nursery. Very nice! They got to sit down and pat a bunny, feed a kid and lamb with a bottle, watch them feed the bull (Ruby didn't like the "slobber" hehe) and brush a little pony. They had a lovely time out!
In the afternoon we visited another one of their friends and they had a great time playing together. Anyway, here are the girls on a tractor.

Scrapping wise... I have been working on an album about my mum her visit. It will be for the girls so they can look at all the piccies and remember all the fun things they did with her this visit.

On the weekend we had our monthly cybercrop at Scrapboutique. I did my Sunday roast on Sunday. But it was a roast with a twist.... if you still want to participate... go and have a look here, the "projects" are due 3 November so you still have a while to work on it ;)

This is my example for Emma's sketch. Love the concentration on their faces.

I wanted to say a big thank you to all you lovely girls leaving me such lovely comments after the shortlist for Scrapbooking memories was published!! Really means a lot, mwah!!!

Happy Scrapping :)


kate said...

hey manon!! glad you had a nice birthday, im sure your mum would have been sad not to be there for it too, but im glad you got to spend a few weeks with your mum beforehand. does that mean you are off to holland on a trip to see her next time? or will she come back out here? have the girls been to holland? love kate xox

lkamphuis said...

Oh Manon - where in Holland is your Mum. My FIL is Dutch and they have just come back from a 3 month trip - Gorgeous skirt for the girls too!!

Stacey Young said...

Hi Manon, thanks heaps! Yeah, just got picked up yesterday for a SC project, I have never done one before so it's all doing my head in at the moment. LOL!!!!

Happy birthday for last week, glad to hear it was a wonderful day:) Cute skirt and love the LO!!!

Kerryn said...

Such a shame your mum wasn't here for your actual birthday, but it sounds like everyone else made up for it :). So are you 21 like me this year??? ;).

LOVE the layout!!!

Edleen said...

did i wish you Happy Birthday? hehe..
glad you had a fab time Manon :)

that skirt is just so pretty!!! and love your layout, so lovely :)

have a fun weekend!

Leah said...

Gorgeous skirt, Manon!! Woohoo, you clever chickie!