Sunday, 27 December 2009


Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. We spent Christmas at my SIL Jan which was lovely. Yummy food and lovely company. The kids were having a great time too. Chris is the only teenager so there is not much for him to do but he was good and just hung out with the littlies and entertained them.
The next day Chris wanted me to take him to the mall as he had been saving up for his present and it was time to buy it, lol. Him having a job has been so good for him. I'm just surprised in a way that he is so good at saving up... doesn't have that from me!!

Chris got his formal photo's the other day. I thought he looked gorgeous in his suit!! He said the party was great! Before they had their dinner and party we joined him for the ceremony. Lucy thought it was pretty fun and sang loudly twinkle twinkle...while every one was getting ready to sit down lol.

So College after the holidays... hope he has enough discipline to do it....

Here are the official piccies from the formal.

Chris and some of his school friends

Chris and his friend Daniel arriving at the formal. They went in his cousins car...

We are going to visit little Sophie next week so I'll share some more piccies and hopefully some LO's about her very very soon!!

Happy Scrapping :)


amanda said...

Your boy is certainly growing up Manon!!!!

Jewls said...

Chris looks so handsome in his suit. Best wishes for next year at college, Chris :)

Kerryn said...

oooh so grown up! I remember my Yr 12 formal, seems like only yesterday LOL.

Have fun visiting Sophie :).

Anonymous said...

Liev Manon

Wat een mooie foto's en wat is Chris mooi in zijn pak hij lijkt al echt volwassen.
Ik wens jullie nogmaals hele mooie dagen in Sydney,wil je Drew en Melissa ook van ons feliciteren.

Liefs mama

Edleen said...

handsome! :)

Merry Christmas Manon and wishing you a Great and Lovely New Year in 2010 :)

♥Liz Weber♥ said...

Congrats on the gorgeous formal photos and congrats to Chris on finishing high school. Good Luck for college next year.

Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas and have a fab Happy New Year Manon!

Lana said...

Chris looks very handsome at the formal. And little Sophie is so cute! Have a lovely visit.

Linda said...

awesome photos, Manon....some great scrapping in them!