Monday, 31 August 2009

Last day of August

Wow, this month has flown by hasn't it. Less than 3 weeks and my mum will be here, woohoo!!!
In 2006 my mum and I spend a few days in Melbourne. I never really documented it but as Chels send me some of the gorgeous Octber Afternoon traveler range I had the perfect papers to make a little album about our trip. I'm very happy with how it turned out. Not too fussy and bulky but quite simple and nice. Don't get me wrong, I love bulky and busy mini albums but this is nice too, for a change :) Here is a page from the album. Chels might put the rest in the newsletter or on the shops website.
Speaking of ScrapBoutique... have you applied yet to be on our fabulous design team??? We are so excited to add another stylist to our team!! I love it so much there and would love it if one of you girls (or boys??) would come and join us :)

I finished the little dress I was making for Lucy. It's not a fancy dress or something really difficult but as it is my first little girls dress I'm very happy with it. I finished it last Thursday together with Lucy. She was helping me sometimes a little too enthusiastic lol. I was taking out the pins from an area that I just sewn and she thought she could help me to by taking out all the other pins as well, oops haha. She made me very happy by putting it on straight away and not wanting to take it off for 2 days in a row, good girl hey;)

Now I have a quilt to make. Am a little nervous about it but my friend Krissy (hey did you see this gorgeous chickie featured in Scrapbooking memories this month!!!) her mum is going to help me through cyberspace. She's already given me some great tips so let's see how we go hey!! Oh by the way, Krissy has some gorgeous flowers for sale on her site!! I already ordered some for myself.

It's going to be a busy week in the evenings this week, taking Chris to his work meeting, going to the info evening for kindy for Ruby and the day after to the info evening for college for Chris. I will have all my children in 3 different kind of schools next year!! The youngest in pre school and the eldest in college. A big difference. A lot of people are often surprised by the age gap (understandable though) but I find the age gap quite nice. Chris is very good with his sisters most of the time and they adore him. I also like being able to do big kids stuff with him and little girls stuff with the girls. Keeps me thoroughly entertained. I think Chris likes it (most of the times) as well. He does need his own space as well of course so I try to make sure the girls give him that space when he needs it.

Friends of the girls usually love having him around as well. He's great at being silly with them haha. On the weekend we had some friends over. I hadn't seen my friend and her kiddies for too long so it was very nice to catch up again!! Hopefully we can do it again very soon :)

I'll be back tomorrow with my LO for this months 123 challenge.. some very interesting criteria for September ;)

Happy scrapping :)

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Monday, 24 August 2009

Scrap room

I haven't totally finished with my room yet but thought I'd post some piccies before it gets too messy again lol. There;s already baking paper on the desk that I used for a pattern for a little dress for Lucy so, sorry about that lol.

Today I spend a little bit of time creating in my new space. I made a LO fro ScrapBoutique's Cybercrop. One about Lucy being (almost 4. She's such a funny cheeky girl!! Love her :) She told me to let every one know that apples are not her favourite fruit even though they feature on the LO lol. She was very lucky today that blue berries were on special today. One of her favourite fruits!! I always have to make sure I get a few before she devoured the whole punnet, she's just crazy about them.

Luc and I had a lovely time at the Stitches and craft fair in Sydney. It was much bigger than the fair we went to late last year. It was in the same building but now there was so much more. Didn't buy many scrappy things as Chels sells them all for a much better prize BUT did get a lovely babushka set for the girls, some lovely material for some dresses for the girls and some nice smelling soaps. Oh, I won a dark room door stamp set while we were on the bus, woohoo!!! I'm actually looking for an online place that sells gorgeous material, let me know if you know of any!!
Happy scrapping :)

Friday, 21 August 2009

Goodbye CIS

I have decided to step down as a DT-er for Crafting in Style. I had a lovely time there but my heart wasn't in it anymore and i don't think that's fair towards the other DT girls, the owner Lana and to the members.

I just wanted to thank my 2 gorgeous 2 fellow DT-ers Karen and Laura for their scrappy company, inspiration, chats and friendship!! And I would like to thank the lovely Lady boss Lana for all her hard work and having me as one of her DT's. The gorgeous Kerryn has taken over my position, awesome choice, she is a fantastic scrapper!!!

Alrighty... what else has been happening...

We are moving some rooms around. The girls are going to share a room together, the lounge room and... tadaaaaa, Ruby her old room is now my new scrapping room. I'm typing in it as we speak. I still have some things to hang, put away etc. but when that is done I'll post some piccies, also from the girls their room. Allan has been so fantastic, painting away all the rooms for me. He's a virgo and I'm a libra.... he prefers to do the painting himself..... IYKWIM LOL. He's done a great job!! My mum will be having my room as her room when she comes over in September so I'm going to make the most of it for the next month!!!

I'll leave you for today with a LO that I did for the Monthly challenge at ScrapBoutique. The challenge, using primary colours and stickers/die cuts, was set by our celebrity Jo!

Happy Scrapping :)

August cc-ing

It's that time of the month again!! We are cybercropping at ScrapBoutique this weekend. We uploaded all the challenges tonight and they are due Monday at midnight. I am doing a speed scrap as I'm writing this. I used a sketch from pagemaps. Love them :)

Here is my LO.

Hope to see you there this weekend!! My friend Lucrecia and myself are going to the "Stitches and Craft show" in Sydney tomorrow!! Love going on (scrappy and other) dates with her!!

Happy Scrapping :)

Sunday, 2 August 2009


August already!! Less than 2 months and my mum will be visiting us, woohoo!!

We finally got some bunks for the girls, nice white ones!! We were lucky as they were clearing the floor stock so we got $200 off, yay, love a good deal :) Now we only need to get a new expedit and a desk for me and we can change the rooms around!!

Anyway... so scrappy thing happening.

The new 123 challenge is up! The criteria this month are
1. Use something metal on your LO
2. Use an out of focus photo
3. Use at least 5 staples.

Here is my example.

Chels from ScrapBoutique sent me the gorgeous new October Afternoon "Ducks in a Row" the other week. She knows how much I have fallen in love with OA :) Luckily I had a scrappy day the next day, the morning with the CM ladies (I don't do the creative memories part but like the company and scrappy time) and the afternoon was spent at actsa. I did 2 LO's and 3 cards with them. 2 of the cards are already at their new owners and the ohter one is waiting for the little one to be born ;) (in case it's a girl.... am not sure of that lol).

I also did the Sunday Roast for the week long CC. We did it instead of Sunday on a Thursday. I also added a little twist and lifted Chels her LO. This is the roast.

And the last LO for today is made for Crafting in Style where I put up the August shaping up challenge. This month it's all about circles. Here is my example.

Thank you so much for visiting and thank you to all the people that are leaving lovely comments, they are appreciated very much!!! :)
Happy scrapping :)