Friday, 29 January 2010

Sophie's visit

Hi everyone.
Wow, lots has been happening. Too much to write about. So am just going to pick some nice high lights :)

First of all, thank you so much to everyone congratulating me on receiving an honourable mention for the scrapbooking memories masters :) I'll show you my other creations sometime soon (when I have taken photo's of them ;) )

So, these last few days we had a little visitor with her mummy and daddy staying at our house. Of course I took some photos of sweet little Sophie. She is so so cute, 7 weeks now!! We are all in love with her. More about some new lay outs soon...

Thank you for visiting.

Happy Scrapping :)

Sunday, 10 January 2010

All about me.

How are you going in the new year??? Still enjoying your holidays??
Our "work" holidays have finished but as I only work one day a week it's not such a big change for me. Just that Allan will be at work again. Still 3 more weeks to do some fun stuff with the kids though.
Ruby and I have seriously started on reading with "reading eggs". Well, kinda more serious. Still fun though. Ruby did the computer chapters again and we are "reading " the books and she does some other activities with the letters. She just memorises the pictures though. Even when I cover them with my hand so there is only the word visible she still remembers where the pictures were. I do realise though that she can't read the words just yet as she sometimes uses a different word for the picture she had previously seen on the page lol, little tricker!!

On Friday Allan and I spent some time together shopping and going out to lunch. It was a long time ago that we did something together so it was really nice.
On Saturday I went to Woden to scrap with the CM ladies. I signed up to the retreat in Feb (woohoo) and scrapped 3 lay outs. All 3 about me. On Friday during our lunch Allan was telling me all these child hood stories and I said he should write them down for the kids etc. Then I thought that was a bit bad of me to say that as I don't really do many pages about me and my child hood memories so I thought I'd better change that! So on Friday night I worked on Em's challenge at ScrapBoutique about the year you were born and on Saturday I did 3 pages (minus the journaling... need a new pen). They are not too fancy, pretty simple, but they kinda turned out like that and that's ok with me.
The titles are all in Dutch but the journaling will be in English so the kiddies will be able to read it too.

Oh, yep still going to the gym. My silly belly button mini hernia popped out again so am NOT happy about that!! Avoiding the crunches till I see the gp so he can tell me what I should do. Sigh, and I thought exercise was so good for you....

Anyway, here are the LO's, starting with the challenge and then the other ones about me (don't zoom in to see the perm... it's pretty horrible pmsl)

Have a lovely week!!!

Happy scrapping :)

Sunday, 3 January 2010


Hey, happy 2010 to you all!! Guess what I was doing New Years Eve??? The same thing I am always doing New Years Eve. Making oliebollen. It doesn't matter how hot it is i always make them. Usually wearing my Oma her apron. They were so good this year, yum!! Good thing I am going to the gym today... for the first time (in Australia). Am very much looking forward to it. I really want to become a bit more active and fit this year!! My mum is my inspiration to do this. She is so super fit, wow!! I know I don't have the time to do all the things she does but i can definitely make more time than I have been to get more active and fit!! So there you go, it's in writing ;) Do you have any resolutions this year???

In between Christmas and New Year we went to Sydney for 2 nights. We stayed at the Panthers in Penrith. Was a great deal, $150 per night for 2 rooms that were interconnected. Had some great Chinese food there on the Tuesday night, yum!! Of course our main reason was to meet Sophie and OMG she is so cute and gorgeous and pretty and easy going!! Here she is with Chris. There's also a picture with me... but let's put it this way... Chris is looking a whole lot better hehe.

We also went to Sydney on the train. We went to Darling harbour, circular quay and the rocks. We went on the ferry and the girls loved it!! On the way back to Penrith Lucy was singing her little heart out on the train. It was so funny. She asked people for requests as well.Hehe funny girl.

At ScrapBoutique we have a new guest Stylist for the next three months. This time it's the gorgeous Karen B!! I am so happy that she is on the team for the next three months. She is an awesome girl. She was on another DT that I used to be on and she was fantastic to work with!
My challenge for this month is the Stash stomper/sketch challenge. and this is my example. Go and check out the challenge here!!!

Happy Scrapping :)