Monday, 12 July 2010


Last week I was in the library and while I was browsing near the cookbooks I saw this book that I read when I was a teenager.I didn't read it just once, I kept borrowing it from the library and used to dream about having my own little farm, grow all my own food, have a jersey cow (yes I had picked out the breed) etc. I loved this book so so much!!! Of course I took it home to show Allan. Luckily he showed interest in my child hood dreams ;) It did make me think though. I really would like to grow my own vegies and fruit and have some chooks in my backyard (even though it's not a small farm by a long shot). Hey I'd prefer to have a little farm though but don't think that will be on the cards anytime soon.
So now I'm looking through vegie growing books again ( I used to have a vegie patch in Holland), reading up about fruit trees that grow well in Canberra and am researching some chook breeds (I think the australorp might be a go-wer). I am slowly convincing Allan to get some chooks. I've already started to trim down some of the very boring bushes that were already in our garden when we moved in and I'll dig them out in the coming weeks to replace them with some fruit trees. I really want to make a good go of our vegie patch this year too. Just a shame it's so close to the fence but Alas, don't can't take the grass away from the kids (just yet).

Any hints tips and tips would be very welcome!!!

This weekend we went to the bay again. It was lovely. We stayed in a wooden house with a wood fire, oh so nice!!! The weather was gorgeous too. We went to the beach every day (of course) and spent every evening by the fire. Allan had invited one of his work colleagues over as well. It was very nice to meet her and her gorgeous family. We'll catch up again soon I hope :)

Here are some piccies of the weekend.

At Scrap Boutique we are busy celebrating the 3rd anniversary. I am teaching my class on Friday 30 July probably around 7.30PM est. It will be a mini album with a difference, I hope you can come and join me!! The weekend and week before (from Friday the 23rd onwards) we have a week long Cybercrop with a variety of challenges, games and Amanda's class.
Speaking of the boutique. I am hosting the monthly challenge this month and as it is our birthday month i have a very easy challenge. Create a birthday lay out with a birthday cake somewhere on the lay out, it can be on the photo, in the papers or an embellishment. Here is my example.

I have something fun on this weekend too, I'll tell you more about that later on in the week !!

Happy Scrapping :)

Monday, 5 July 2010

Bonny Blog

My sweet friend Christine awarded me this blog award, thanks sweetie :)

Here are the rules that go with it: 1. Put the Swap Sisters Bonny Blog Award on my blog.2. Share 5 things about myself.3. Pass the award onto 5 other Bonny Blogs.4. Add links to my 5 chosen Bonny Blog Winners.5. Let them know they have been chosen to win the Swap Sisters Bonny Blog Award by leaving a comment on their blog.

5 Things about myself:

1. As a teenager I used to love reading books about self sufficiency. I dreams up my own place, what it would look like and what I would grow and what kind of animals i would have. Today I accidentally saw my favourite book from that time in the library and of course I took it home. (I think I still love it).

2. I have a really hard time to just sit still and watch something on TV, I tend to get up all the time to do stuff.

3. The first 7 1/2 years of Chris his life I was a single mum.

4. I am so getting into baking lately, anything, biscuits, slices, cakes... just love it :)

5. I secretly would love to be very good at mixed media... here is proof... This is my desk right now where I'm playing with paints, papers canvas, etc etc. It makes me a bit nervous as I would like to do it "right" and make something amazing but I should be realistic and allow myself to just play and make heaps of mistakes and not worry about it. Just enjoy the process. (If it only were that easy....)

The 5 awesome people I want to pass this award on to are:

The school holidays have started here. We didn't start the holidays well with sick kiddies. Lucy has a little bug now but (as it is the same one as Ruby had) she should be OK tomorrow. We bought lots of craft stuff for them today and brought bag a few bags of books from the library so we don't get a chance to get bored in the next few days.

I have been working on a class for Scrap Boutique's 3rd birthday (which is this month!!). My class will be the last Friday of this month BUT the other stylists have also prepared some classes. You can join in every Friday night this month. Check out the forum for more info!! Hope you can join us for these free classes!!!

The only scrapping I have done last week is all still a "secret" so i can't show you so I'll leave for today with a piccie of Lucy with "crazy hair".

Hope you all have a wonderful week.

Happy scrapping (or painting of whatever you are doing ;)  )

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Want to join us?????

As you know I am one of the stylists for the gorgeous ScrapBoutique. Chelsea (the owner) has been so lovely to organise a fabulous retreat very very close to Canberra!!! We would love you to come and join us. There will be fabulous food, plenty of scrapping time (like all day and night if you please), challenges, prizes and fun to be had. If you would like to join us make sure you sign up asap as places are limited!!! Here is some more info....

I'll be back tomorrow with some more fun news about ScrapBoutique!!!

Happy Scrapping :)

ScrapBoutique - South in September Retreat!!

Come and Join us for a fun filled weekend of Scrapping, deluxe food, old and new friends and plenty of laughter!!

When - Friday September 17th - Sunday September 19th 2010

Where - Goolabri Country Resort. Just 20 mins outside of Canberra.

Cost and Inclusions –

Full Package- $370. Includes 2 nights accommodation in either twin share (twin room) or 5 share (2br units), Deluxe Food (all fully catered by the resort's restaurant) including- Full Buffet Breakfasts, morning and afternoon teas, lunch and Dinner for 2 days and nights. PLUS of course....unlimited scrapping!!

Day Only - $85 Includes Morning and afternoon tea, Lunch and Dinner (Saturday night only).

Bookings will require a $100 Deposit within 14 days please.

Bookings are closing soon!!

Don’t miss your chance to have a fantastic scrappy weekend away!!

Contact Chelsea at or 0423173384 for Bookings.