Monday, 12 July 2010


Last week I was in the library and while I was browsing near the cookbooks I saw this book that I read when I was a teenager.I didn't read it just once, I kept borrowing it from the library and used to dream about having my own little farm, grow all my own food, have a jersey cow (yes I had picked out the breed) etc. I loved this book so so much!!! Of course I took it home to show Allan. Luckily he showed interest in my child hood dreams ;) It did make me think though. I really would like to grow my own vegies and fruit and have some chooks in my backyard (even though it's not a small farm by a long shot). Hey I'd prefer to have a little farm though but don't think that will be on the cards anytime soon.
So now I'm looking through vegie growing books again ( I used to have a vegie patch in Holland), reading up about fruit trees that grow well in Canberra and am researching some chook breeds (I think the australorp might be a go-wer). I am slowly convincing Allan to get some chooks. I've already started to trim down some of the very boring bushes that were already in our garden when we moved in and I'll dig them out in the coming weeks to replace them with some fruit trees. I really want to make a good go of our vegie patch this year too. Just a shame it's so close to the fence but Alas, don't can't take the grass away from the kids (just yet).

Any hints tips and tips would be very welcome!!!

This weekend we went to the bay again. It was lovely. We stayed in a wooden house with a wood fire, oh so nice!!! The weather was gorgeous too. We went to the beach every day (of course) and spent every evening by the fire. Allan had invited one of his work colleagues over as well. It was very nice to meet her and her gorgeous family. We'll catch up again soon I hope :)

Here are some piccies of the weekend.

At Scrap Boutique we are busy celebrating the 3rd anniversary. I am teaching my class on Friday 30 July probably around 7.30PM est. It will be a mini album with a difference, I hope you can come and join me!! The weekend and week before (from Friday the 23rd onwards) we have a week long Cybercrop with a variety of challenges, games and Amanda's class.
Speaking of the boutique. I am hosting the monthly challenge this month and as it is our birthday month i have a very easy challenge. Create a birthday lay out with a birthday cake somewhere on the lay out, it can be on the photo, in the papers or an embellishment. Here is my example.

I have something fun on this weekend too, I'll tell you more about that later on in the week !!

Happy Scrapping :)


Lauren said...

Good on you for starting a vege patch. I think home grown always tastes better than the supermarket stuff anyway! Good luck with the chooks too - they are pretty easy maintenance. I must admit I love livng on a farm. I never imagined this is where I would end up but I wouldn't be anywhere else.

Glad you enjoyed your weekend away. :)

DebiJ said...

Thank you for visiting my little is lovely having some time to hop around hey!!
Love all your is always inspirational.
I hope you get your chookies & enjoy the sustainability bit too.
I went to a talk years ago on permaculture by Bill Mollison & it was fabulous...he had the right ideas, probably like your favourite book.
Cheers, Deb xx

KarenB said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend Manon! I love that book too and although we have lots of space now, it's still not quite set up for chooks or vege garden. Sometime soon though!!

Leanne said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time away Manon. I love your birthday LO and look forward to seeing the mini album. Good luck with the chooks and fruit & vegies! I live on a hobby farm and finally got chickens about 18 months ago. They have been great...fresh is best!

Edleen said...

hi Manon, firstly, love all the family photos :) everyone looks so Happy!

my husband loves gardening but unfortunately we live in an apartment so not much gardening to do. plus i'm not a greenfinger so plants usually won't survive when he's away travelling... hehe

hope you're doing great. have a fantastic week!

Christine said...

Gorgeous piccies, looks like a great weekend!
Have a chat to Helene, she's been researching it all too. She has just bought her chooks and is setting up a huge vegie patch