Sunday, 1 August 2010


I made a tutorial for Scrapboutique and thought I would share it here too. Proper update soon :)

Welcome to my canvas tag album tutorial.

I’ll give you a step by step on how I did my front cover and will give you some ideas of how to do the other pages in your album.
Front cover

Pick out some colours of paint that you would like to use for the cover. Use the colours to paint your cover with, normal acrylic paints are great! Let dry.

Get some ink and ink the outside edges.

Adhere a piece of torn music paper in the middle of the page. I adhered mine with acrylic gel medium. I also covered the paper with the medium. Let dry.

Adhere a strip of decorative tape (there are a few different brands to chose from) a little below the music paper.

Adhere a piece of lace between the paper and the tape (I used dst on my cover).

Adhere some kind of trim (I used the thread with little pompoms) down the bottom of the lace.

For your title it’s nice to use a large lettered chipboard (or thickers) which you have sanded back a bit. Adhere this toward the right of your cover. (My letters are a little overlapped). I also had some letter stickers as part of my title. I adhered them towards the top left of the cover.

Finish your cover off by adding some flowers, ric rac and some trim.

Ideas for the other pages.


You can use different colours of paint to create a marble effect. Use a rough (dry) old brush and use up to 4 colours and roughly dab around on your canvas. Start with the lightest colour. Don’t be too precise.


Use 2 different colours to spray your canvas with.

Use a stencil to create the bird or what ever stencil you have.

Make sure you are very careful with the ink that is left on your stencil. You can place another piece of paper on it to get a print or you can gently wipe the remaining ink off.


You can add some photos to your canvas using acrylic gel medium. You put some medium on your photocopied photos. Not too much. Not too little. Put it on your canvas and brayer it firm but gently. Then rub it till with a stylo or similar (fingers in my case lol) till it transfers.

You can also do it other ways. You can use some other methods as well. I haven’t tried those yet but they might be a whole lot easier!!

1. Use craftsmart “you can wash it” glue. Put one coast on your canvas and 2 coasts on your photocopied (or printed on normal paper) photo’s LET DRY!! When dry put the photos (print side down of course) on top of the area with the glue and iron it on.

2. Now I’ve hear of an even easier way. Again not tried and tested by me though. Print your photos on baking paper and simply iron onto your canvas (print side down again of course).

On the page next to my photos I used some distressing ink to roughly colour the canvas somewhat (I also used the distressing ink the distress my previous page somewhat),stamped a title and stamped around the edges with a florally stamp. I then used kindy glitz to decorate it further.

On my next pages I sew some paper on and decorated that like a normal scrapbook page. The last pages (which I did before the previous pages) I sew on strips on fabric and let them overhang on the outside of the pages for some funky effects.

The album is all about things I love, so on my painted pages I added a little painting that I did. Other pages include family and friends and the last one (the fabrics) are about trying new things.

Hope you give this a bit of a go and have fun with it like I did.


Ros said...

Wow Manon such beautiful work looks like so much fun might wait to the warmer weather hits before I try as I know it will be too messy for me to do inside.

Thanks for sharing

Monica said...

Manon this is just AMAZING!!

Jewls said...

Great tutorial Manon & love your examples, they are beautiful :)

Edleen said...

this is Awesome Manon!!!

platform beds said...

For me this is the best tutorial. The steps are so easy to follow and everything is so detailed. Thank you for sharing this information.

~Sasha Farina~ said...

that is a lot of fun technique!!