Friday, 29 October 2010


I finally made a LO for scrap the girls. I was planning on doing it for so long but kept on forgetting. Let's hope Kate will be happy :)

I also made a LO for wicked princess, finally!!! Hope Krissy will be happy :)

We are finally out of party mode. September and October are always full of parties but we can now take a breather before Christmas comes around. Lucy had her party a week ago. It was so cute!! She had her "pink afternoon tea " party on a Monday afternoon so the kiddies that are already in kindy could come along as well. We had the house full of pink dressed girls (plus a couple of non pink boys). We played some fun games like "blik gooien(don't know the English word for that) sack race, hat decorating, hoola hoops, hop scotch, pass the parcel and musical statues. We had lots of pink food like cupcakes, macaroons, meringues etc etc. All the kiddies were wonderful and seemed to be having a great time. And of course Lucy got loads of pressies. i made all the kids a fabric flower and pinned that on their tulle lolly bag. The flower is a brooch so they can use it again (hopefully!!)
Some impressions of the day.

I love this photo of Chris and little miss Sophie, she loves him so (and he her).

OK that's it for me today. We have a Cybercrop on at Scrapboutique so if you're in a scrappy mood come along. I'll be going to ACTSA tomorrow for a full day workshop, bliss!!

Happy Scrapping :)

Saturday, 2 October 2010

and some more...

Lucy had her first "performance" at school the other day. They did some bee dances, was super cute!!! She wasn't feeling well a few days before the dance but was fine on Thursday. Thursday evening she wasn't feeling well again, i was worried that she wouldn't be well for her performance but she woke up Friday morning telling me that she was all better to do the bee dance. So sweet. The day before, on Thursday, they had a pizza and pyjama day at school. She loved going to school in her jammies. She wanted to wear Ruby her nightie too so she was wearing her flannell ones plus the nightie, ah well, she had fun.
Here is Lucy in her jammies

 And as a little bee.

So after the performances the school holidays started. Nothing like not having to rush in the mornings!! So far the girls have just been playing most days with a girl that lives in the neighbourhood. She is over almost every day and they get along really well. On Wednesday I had to work even though it was Chris his birthday, he turned 17!!! Him turning this old makes me even more aware of how quick time flies and how much we should enjoy every moment of the little ones being little, even though we all get caught up in the daily life etc. Teenagers aren't too bad either though (or I am just incredibly lucky). Chris is a good kid, of course I do have my complaints but in general I can't complain, in fact I'm very proud of him!!

On Friday I took the kiddies to Floriade. It was a lovely day. A little bit overcast but not cold at all. We looked at the flowers, Chris and I took photos, the girls had a play on the jumping castle, we ate ice cream, watched the fire juggler (Lucy thought it was a bit scary all that fire), petted a baby crocodile, turtles and some lizards. We just had a lovely relaxing afternoon out. Floriade is always fun, nice and relaxing!! (and a very good photo opportunity ;)  ) Here are some...

A new month also means some new challenges. At 123 challenge the new criteria is to use
1. The colour green
2. The word go
3. A hand cut title

here is my example

At ScrapBoutique I have set the monthly challenge. My challenge this month is to scrap yourself and to be more specific. To scrap things about yourself that you are proud of. I think a lot of the girls find this challenge a bit too scary. I do hope that you are brave enough to take this challenge on!!! I did it, here is my version.

OK, that's it for now. Hope you have a lovely (in our case) long weekend!!

Happy Scrapping :)


Well hello there. Yes I'm still here with quite a few piccies so will do it in a few posts.

First, 2 weeks ago I went to the ScrapBoutique retreat at Goolabri. It was fantastic!! A great weekend to catch up with some lovely girls, scrap the days and night away and to have a nice break. I was lucky enough to have my own room. I just loved having that "alone" time, spending time in the spa bath, reading, writing and sipping tea in my own room, just fantastic!! I guess everyone needs some time to them selves every now and then, I most certainly do, but it had been a long time since I had 2 nights to myself. Hope I will have that opportunity again soon!!

Here are the girls

And my lay outs

Thank you for visiting and happy scrapping :)