Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Christmas workshops

I have just uploaded my newest workhop at ScrapBoutique so I thought I would share one that I did last week, with you all overhere. I hope you will enjoy this one, maybe you'll even have a go at it.
Enjoy :)

Let’s bag Christmas.

Hello everyone. Thank you for joining my Christmas workshop.

Get your WeR Christmas papers out and let’s start creating!!

The first item we are going to make is a little (or big) gift bag. We are going to make this with an envelope. You can use any size envelope you want, just make sure it doesn’t have a window in it.

Here are the steps.

1. Glue your envelope closed.

2. Lay it in portrait in front of you and cut a few centimeters from the top.

3. My envelope is now 10.8cm wide and 15 cm high. Yours can be bigger or smaller that is just fine, however, the numbers I will be working with will be for the measurements of my envelope.

4. Use the scoring blade on a paper trimmer (or a bone folder) to score 2 cm in on each edge that has not been trimmed – the two sides and the bottom. You can use a different width, depending on the size of your envelope. Make sure that all edges are scored at the same width. The wider the scored edge the fatter and smaller your bag will be.

5. You will have a small (2cm) square in each bottom corner, score from inside corner to the outer point.

6. Have a trial fold of the bag. The sides of the envelope are going to be moved inwards and become valley folds. The long scored lines will be come the mountain folds.

7. Fold the envelope flat again, time to decorate the bag. I cut 2 4 x 7 strips of the spotty red paper and adhered that at the top of the bag (all steps are happening on both sides of the bag).

8. Cut 2 8cm x 7cm pieces of the Santa paper and adhere that towards the bottom of the bag.
9. Cut out one of the scalloped borders and adhere between the 2 pieces of patterned paper (this time you go around the bag so you can see the strip also on the side of the bag.)

10. Use a scallop border (or other border punch) and cut some strips (they should end up being about 2 cm wide after punching). Adhere them at the top of the bag and let the scallop stick out a little bit above the top of the bag.

11. Punch two small holes on both sides of the bag, about 1 cm from the top, for the handles.

12. Use 2 x 15cm pieces of ribbon, and attach them together through the holes like you see on the photo.

13. Use one of the chipboard tags to adhere at the front of your bag (and put the ribbon for the handles through the tag as well.

14. Fold your bag and adhere the triangles at the bottom of the bag with some strong adhesive.

Fill it up with some goodies and you have one present ready

More reverb 10 updates and daily album soon!! Have some kids coming over soon and a dinner to go to tonight but will get to them soon, probably, hopefully, tomorrow!!!


Sonia said...

great tutorial Manon, and thanks for the lovely comments on my blog pics.

always appreciated.

Anthea said...

awesome looking bag!!
Thanks for poping by my blog too